"It's our big day Eric," I whispered in his ears so not even the walls could hear it.

Eric's breath catches as the realization dawned on him that he didn't have to hurry up or worry about the result of sleeping late. He took slow steps back until he hit the wall.

"We are free... we are free Sasha, for whole two days," he murmured incoherently and yeah, he totally forgot about my plan. Idiot totally forgot that we were not going to be free at all.

I mean, who was going to do all the work of our plan. I don't know how he managed anything without me. I'll let it slide for a little while and let him enjoy the little gift our guest bestow on us without even knowing it.

"We'll get to it later. First, tell me what happened." He looked confused at my simple question.

Frustration got the best of him after few minutes and he finally asked, "What are you talking about?"

"Eric, it's the first time you sleep-in, in like zillion years so there is definitely something wrong."


I sighed. why did Sasha have to be oh so smart in my matters? My cheeks started to feel warm thinking about last night and the reason I missed my early morning alone time.

"Oh, someone is blushing," Sasha's voice pulled me out of my thoughts and I felt somewhat giddy at his teasing.

"No!" At first I tried to outright deny his accusation, it was when Sasha laughed, correction, he was rolling on the floor while holding his belly and tears in his eyes, kind of laughing at me.

I kicked him in the ass and strolled away with an angry huff.

"Okay, okay, stop! It's just, it's kind of funny to see a hunk like you blushing." He managed to say in between laughs.

"I am not blushing," I protested half-heartedly and he raised his brow at me. I flopped down on my small mattress and buried my face in my towel pillow.

Last night, out of the blue the thought of our upcoming guests oozed in my mind and stayed there until dawn. I couldn't help myself from thinking about one particular guest.

The bits and pieces I managed to hear from the buzz in the mansion and other details Sasha got from his gossips with jealous girls sparked my curiosity.

The way everyone swooned upon hearing guest names, made me want to meet them. It was initiate my hope, I know I shouldn't after last time but I can't seem to help myself.

My heart screamed. There was something different about all this, I even tried to curb my feelings but they were like the wind after the rain; fresh and pure.

"Sasha, don't you think these guests are good for everyone. You know, like take us for example. Tell me one event when we don't have to work our asses off?" Sasha started recalling and I rolled my eyes at him.

"Moron, it never happens and think about it, mansion never forgot the chance of insulting us, especially when someone is arriving. It means they are not some regular masters, who get off on seeing us beaten." He flinched as I mentioned the insults we went through when any local guest arrived for a night to stay or party.

"See Sasha, that's what I am trying to say, it's the first time we are actually getting a day off all because of these guests."

"Hmm... you are right, even if the mansion has given us the day off because they don't want dirt like us to ruin their grand presentation for our guest." Sasha pointed out the reality.

"So what Sasha? All that matters is we get a gift called our own private time with no orders, insult and beatings on every move we take and all I know is it's all because these guest are coming in our life with a happy note." Sasha stayed silent for few minutes but at last gave me a beaming smile which made me feel positive for few seconds, because the next thing Sasha uttered, drained all the blood from my face.

"Oh, so we are being positive, hmm?" he said with a glint in his eyes and I gulped. What was going on in his brain?

"This means you are ready for my plan, right Eric?" My eyes widened in shock, oh god Sasha's plan for this whole guest arrival.

My palms sweated, I thought he would forget about his stupid plan but who was I kidding.

He was Sasha. A man who never forgot his trouble bringing plans. I knew this was a very bad idea; I didn't even want to imagine the consequences if the plan would fail even a little. I knew I should stop him but I ceased myself from crushing his and mine.

It was all we had. A hope to find a way out, even if our chances were minus hundred but facts could never stop our dreams from flying high.

"I am sorry. It totally slipped from my mind, I promise." In the end, I tried to apologize. I get this plan was important for Sasha and how much my approval mattered to him.

Feeling somewhat brave, I muttered, "When do we have to start working your plan?" Without another word Sasha leaped up and ran out of the room, only to return and start pulling my hand.

"Come with me," he said giddily, mischief shine in his eyes.

My sub consciousness chanted, don't follow him, don't follow him but I ignored it.

He needed my support and I would help him reach his dreams, even if it took my life in the process.

I have a bad feeling about his plan and it indicates this plan is going to backfire on us later. I believe, not matter how bad Sasha's plan turns, it will still be nothing in comparison to my past.

Therefore, I put a smile on my face, and follow him out of the basement. Let's fight again 'destiny'.


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