Chapter (22)

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Connor's POV ~ < at the club, when he disappeared>

SHIT! What did I do! What the hell was I thinking! Nice going Connor, take advantage of her when she is wasted. Yep all class I am! I threw my fist through the tiled wall in the bathroom. The tiles shattered to the floor while I stormed out slamming the door behind me.

Pushing through the overcrowded hallway of the club and making my way up to the balcony. Shoving people out the way so I could stand at the rail overlooking the bar; where Isabella was drinking with Serenity.

My grip tightened on the metal rail as I watched her stand on her toes looking over the sea of people. Was she looking for me? Serenity grabbed her arm trying to grab her attention, but she seemed more interested in searching over the sea of people.

What do I do? I asked myself, what can do I do now! Pulling my phone out of my jeans pocket I searched down and pressed on the one name that I knew may have some advice.

"Connor, mate how- " Tyler's voice began to greet me before I rudely cut in; "I kissed Isabella." Tyler was silent for a moment. "You- " Tyler began to speak again till I cut him off again. "She's been drinking all night and we kissed. She- me. Yeah what the hell do I do?"

Gripping the back of my head as I waited for Tyler's advice, I watched her at the bar. "Mate, Shit. This is Isabella, were talking about here." Gritting my teeth, of course I knew it was Isabella! "She is well- you know how beautiful she is. But mate- she is Princess Blackmore. You can't just hit it and move on."

Hit it? He just referred to her as an 'it'. "You think." I replied coldly into the phone, while watching Isabella talk to Serenity at the bar. "You can't do it to her Connor. Seriously- You know that she isn't your mate. Nothing good can come out of this. The best case scenario is you two fall madly in love with each other and then one of you finds your mate and BANG! Bring on the depression. You seriously can't play her like the others."

Every word Tyler spoke was the truth, apart from one thing, she was my mate. Groaning, why did I get myself into this situation? "So what do I do? Ignore her?" I asked watching Isabella laugh at something Serenity said. I can't ignore her I was lying to myself to even pretend it was an option. "Well first, you tell me how it was? Damn, I wish I was you. Do you know how many guys have tried and failed? She's like a goddess."

Grinding my teeth at just the thought of others thinking of her like that, "I'm not giving you details, I just wanted your opinion." I reminded Tyler through gritted teeth. I heard Tyler let out a grunt before replying, "Well my opinion is for you to do the right thing for once. Do NOT go along with this. You will get burnt and I personally do NOT want to be dealing with a moody you for months."

Groaning his advice would be perfect and 100% spot on, if it wasn't for the fact that I wasn't leading her on, I did care about her; and I had promised her to not stuff this up- but once again my own ability to destroy things came out to play.

There was no other way to put it. I had taken advantage of her; I had ruined our first kiss. "Thanks," I grumbled in reply before hanging up and shoving the phone back in my pocket.

Placing my hand on the rail as I watched her dance and laugh sweetly at the bar, drink in hand. Though she hadn't taken a sip from it, maybe she wasn't feeling well. Though she looked the picture of health.

What the hell was I doing to myself? This was pure torture! Watching and not being a part of her happiness wasn't something I could do. I had to tell her, I had to make her see she was mine.

Smiling slightly as she twirled around laughing, I had never seen her this happy before, and I would do everything in my power to make sure she stayed this way- happy. And I would do that by telling her the truth, even if that meant I had to share my emotions and feelings with her. I had to make her see- to feel that we belonged together.

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