Cha Son Woo (차선우)

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Birth Name: Cha Sun Woo

Stage Name: Baro

Position: Main Rapper

Blood Type: B

Birthday: September 5, 1992

Star Sign: Virgo

Skills/Hobbies: Rap, rap making, beatbox, running


-Known for his Famous Catch Phrase “Yallu~”

-Known for his Trademark “Caps”

-International Fans Gave him the Nickname “HamBaro” for resembling a Cute Hamster/Hamtaro

-Participated in making all the Rap for all the songs in their 1st Mini Album

-Likes Running

-Knows Beatbox

-His Nickname is Squirrel, “BARAMJII”

-Energizer and Vitamin of the Group

-Wishes to learn rap skills from Tiger JK

-Ever since he was young, he always wore caps. It was like part of his flesh and if he don’t wear a cap, he will feel uncomfortable all day.

-if he doesn’t wear his caps he loses his confidence

-almost 3 years since he have been in a relationship

-cried after listening to their album

-He’s the only boy with blood type B in the group

-It’s hard for him to wake up early

-He said his school like was fun

-He overflows with energy anywhere

-He is very lively

-He had a burning will of wanting to have an all-night concert with their fans one time

-When he was trainee he approached U-Know Yunho for an autograph and on the autography U-know wrote “Let’s meet on stage in 2 Years’ time” and Yunho actually remembers Baro

-He’s the mood maker of the group

-He’s afraid of ghosts

-He always stretches when waking up (well)

-Baro finishes first when ordering food while the others are still looking through the menu for 10 minutes.

-Baro’s ideal type would be SNSD’s Taeyeon

-Baro won 1st place on the 4th Idol Star Athletics Championships.

-Baro’s leg hairs grow quickly.

-Before, Baro would keep his feelings to himself and not talk about it with the other members.

-Baro would want his children to resemble Sandeul.

-On an interview in Thailand, fans screamed that they wanted Baro to dye his hair red on their next comeback.

-Baro is the Mr. Bean in the group.

-Gongchan still thinks he can grow taller, that’s why he jumps rope a lot.

-In their free time, Baro watches movies.

-Both Baro and CNU have to carry around contact lenses.

-Recently, Baro’s been watching Lil Wayne’s music videos and it makes him happy.

-Baro doesn’t like his forehead. That’s why he’s scared of lifting his bangs.Baro doesn’t like his forehead. That’s why he’s scared of lifting his bangs.

-Baro beat Minho in one of the running events at the Idol Sports Day 2011.

-Both Baro and Jinyoung have a bad habit regarding their lips. Jinyoung would bite his lips unwillingly on stage while Baro peels his.

-Baro’s favorite part of the body are the thighs...

-Baro’s favorite food is chicken. Anything that has chicken in it, he’ll it. He loves chicken.

-A perfect day with the fans for Baro is going to the amusement park, ride all the rides, and eating some cotton candy.

-Baro writes his own rap part for all song in B1A4 albums

-Sometimes Baro wants to looks cool but it failed and in the end its make him looks cute.

-The first member to join the team was Baro. He was scouted when he sang a song in a talent show for his school..

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