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"No, no, no", said Oliver as he paced angrily up and down the study.

"Ollie, you really need to stop saying no", said Victor, perching calmly on a chair and watching Oliver intently.

"I said no!", he shouted again in response, stopping abruptly to face Victor squarely as if daring the latter to object again.

They've been going like that for hours and I'm really surprised they've not tried to murder each other already. What's even more unfathomable to me is how they had still managed to be friends all these years, seeing that they're always on opposing sides of arguments- Well, maybe that's what made them to actually remain friends, who knows?

Unfortunately, this is no time to be bickering at each other like an old couple. Besides, I'm the one that has to make the ultimate decision and I don't even have the slightest clue what this 'Power of the ancients' supposedly is.

"Guys, I think it's about time you stopped", I said but my words was lost as they were already back to their back and forth response at each other, "Guys, I said SHUT THE HELL UP!". Immediately, they both turned to look at me with surprised expression on their faces which was kinda terrifying but at least they stopped going at each other's throats.

"Maybe if we can all stay calm and reasonable for a second, then we can work this out", I said and, thank God, they finally sat down,"So, what is this Power of the ancients that you both have been going on about all this while?"

"It's the highest level of magic control", explained Victor, "The most powerful magic a wizard can ever wield".

"And the most dangerous too", added Oliver which prompted a glare from Victor and they would have started their bickering again if not that I quickly got them under control with the wave of a finger- I have to say it's kinda exhilarating to be able to get two powerful men under my control but I have to maintain it, at least until I can find a way forward, and hopefully away from their seemly unending bickering nature too.

"Dad, these are desperate times and you know it calls for desperate actions", I said to Oliver before turning to Victor, "How are you so sure that I'll be able to wield such a power?"

"Because the power was created to be wielded only by an archwizard from the original magic bloodline", he replied which resulted in a confused look from me.

"But Denise is the only member of the original magic bloodline we have around and she's not even a witch, not to talk about being an archwizard", I said.

"Actually, that's not exactly true", he replied and gave Oliver the 'Go ahead and tell him' look I'm starting to know so well.

"We didn't tell you that whole truth about the original magic bloodlines", confirmed Oliver, beginning a statement I was afraid of hearing its completion.

"Are you saying...?"

"Yes, Troy", he replied before adding what I had feared all along, "We Sanderses are also of the original magical bloodline. To be precise, we're the original Elementals".

And in that moment, all that I thought I knew came crashing down.

I can't believe Oliver dared to still keep a secret from me, especially after I strictly told him not to.

After I had learnt of the latest revelation of my life, I couldn't bear to remain in the same room with my lying, overly secretive specimen of a father, or anyone for that matter, so I decided to go to the only place I could think properly; The third floor terrace.

I remembered the time Stan and I had spent almost the entire night here under the stars and wished immediately for that kind of moment again. Unfortunately, things are not that simple anymore, never again will they be that simple, especially not with the kind of situation I've found myself.

At least, every piece now fits perfectly into the puzzle, my mind told me and I immediately told it to zip it, but I have to agree that it does have a point. I can now understand why everything is the way it is; My seemly strong affinity to fire, Oliver's impeccable control over earth, Stan's powerful flood attack and our overall flawless air maneuvers, I should have known those things don't just come on their own.

I was still thinking about what to do now when the terrace door opened and I turned to see Mom walking towards me.

"Oliver told you where to find me, didn't he?", I asked as I scooted over so that she can have a seat next to me on the Gryphon statue which she took very gracefully.

"He didn't need to", she replied after she got herself settled down, "Oliver and I come here almost every time he brought me to the Estate".

I was really curious about how her relationship with Oliver had gone, and I still am, but I have a feeling that's not a story she would want to share.

"He wants you to convince me not to wield the power of the ancients, doesn't he?", I decided to ask instead- Yeah, I agreed to wield the great and dangerous power of the ancients because you and I know it's the only way we can stand a good chance against Trichloris, although I have to say that a little part of me did it just to spite Oliver.

Mom was already saying something but I didn't catch it because of my 'thinking to myself' moment so I had to ask her to go over it again.

"I said that Oliver already explained the concept of this power to me and although I have to admit I didn't comprehend all the magic terminologies he used, it does sound pretty dangerous to me", she said and I saw the fear and worry she had been trying so hard to suppress.

"Mom, don't worry about me", I said, giving her a reassuring hug, "The power was created specifically for people like me so it can't be that dangerous".

Unfortunately, she didn't look to be convinced by my 'No worries' response, her still worried look attesting to that.

"I still don't like the sound of any of this", she replied after a while of appearing to ruminate over it, giving me another hug which she pressed even tighter as I tried to pull away.

"Stop worrying so much, mom", I replied again, finally getting out of the embrace, "It'll be fine, I promise".

"As your mother, it's my job to worry about you", she said to me, apparently so that I can understand where she's coming from, "You may be a part of the most powerful wizard group there is but the fact still remains that you'll always remain my little boy, and it will kill me if anything ever happens to you".

"You're not going to lose me, Mom", I told her firmly, "Especially not with the people around here to protect me".

She didn't appear to still be convinced at the end of the day, but having said her mind and hearing mine calmed her down a little, finally leaving me alone to return to my alone time but not before she had enveloped me in another mother bear hug which was really starting to become overkill, believe me.

I took a deep breath as I watched her go, using that moment to reaffirm the resolution that I had come to all along but was too afraid to tell her; I'm going to do all it takes save the world, even if it means putting my life in the greatest of dangers.

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