Jazzella Ramos, Rowan Academy's most loved sweetheart, thought that you can find happiness anywhere, anytime. She believed that Neil, a basketball jock, will be her first and last love. But when she witnessed her boyfriend being too intimate with her best friend, she knew everything will be gone forever. When she is finally ready to start her life anew, she met him again as the boyfriend of her school rival, Suzy. Having an unknown affection towards her, the campus' perfect guy, Mico, is willing to make Jazzella happy again.

Kelly Villaverde is the smartest and probably the nerdest girl in school. She has nobody but her best friend and her brother whom she rarely meets at school. However, after accidentally discovering the secret of the photography club president, Hanz, with the vice president of the Xaris Student Council, Cheska, she couldn't keep herself away from him. She then finds herself being in a relationship with him with no mutual feelings. After knowing the story behind the secret, she decided to puzzle out the remaining pieces of the undisclosed issue. But having moments with Hanz, she didn't realize she was in love with him.

Being called the campus pig is one of the harshest nicknames Mayka Fuertes has ever received. She was chubby so she expected everyone will dislike her. What she didn't expect was the moment the basketball team captain, Jeff, offered his friendship towards her. When Mayka eventually fell for him, she ended up falling to the ground. How can a pig be in a relationship with a handsome guy? Having motivation to change, she started slimming down so she can be free from all her insecurities. She soon was in a relationship with a guy from her school, Jayzee who she met at a club, but was secretly attracted to her boyfriend's cold and mysterious friend, Ryce.



1. Bawal ang perfectionists. This story is full of errors (i.e wrong grammars, wrong spellings, missing words, etc).

2. Don't expect too much. Masakit mahulog.

3. This is a pure fiction story. Lahat ng mababasa niyo ay galing sa imagination ko. Pangit man o maganda, sa utak ko lumabas ang lahat. Hindi sayo, hindi sa kanya, kundi akin at sa akin lang.

4. Bipolar ang story ko. Minsan English, minsan Filipino. Madalas Engrish.

5. If ever you feel confused or puzzled with the flow of the story, just place your question/s on the comment box, or better yet, i-pm niyo ako. I will try to answer it ASAP.

6. Contains green jokes, bad words, and inappropriate scenes. Not suitable for young readers.

7. Vote. Vote. Vote :)

Enjoy :*


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