Chapter 1

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Why did we have to move to this stupid town anyway? I thought looking out the window, my breath fogging the glass as the world sped by. It was early August and fall was already peaking through. A scent of leaves wafted in the air and I took a deep breath through my mouth, not wanting to inhale the memories that might come with it. I didn't even notice when the cop car slowly came to a stop.

"Ms. Chase?" A gruff voice called. My head snapped up hard enough to give me whiplash, and I saw the cop car door open. My 6'3 parole officer, Bryan was standing waiting for me to get out. I hesitated, the stupid handcuffs around my wrists were tight enough, they were probably leaving bruises. I got up with a scowl as I walked into the building, time for a review.

Ever since I can remember I've always had a rebellious streak. Nothing could tame me. I constantly got in trouble and I've been arrested twice. Because of my parent's jobs, my dad worked at Exo-Trade, and my mom was a lawyer, we constantly moved, more times than I have fingers AND toes. My guess was about three times a year. Even though we've moved so many times I still have a flicker of a memory to a time where we didn't move. I've moved so many times it's hard to keep track.

"Ms. Chase!" I jerked my head up and realized we were in the main office. There was an old office lady in front of me, I had been so deep in thought I forgot I was here.
She shoved something to me and I grimaced, the scent of prunes and old lady perfume wafted around as I scrunched my nose. I glanced at the papers she handed me and realized it was my schedule. With a huff, I groaned, Biology first period. Great. Start the day with science. Something troubled me about it but I pushed the thoughts down. I walked out following Bryan to room 213a. As I walked I noticed that this was probably a pretty crappy school. The scent of too much disinfectant invaded my nostrils. We stopped in front a wooden door, with a polished handle. Room 213. When I walked in, the teacher, a blonde, in some flowery dress, my guess,Ms. Stacy stopped teaching and introduced me.

"This is Tori Chase, and she's a new student, please be nice." Her tone fluttered like a piece of paper in the wind. I stopped and with a slightly annoyed and bored voice I spoke,

"What's up losers, my names Tori, don't look me in the eye." With that, I walked to the only empty seat mid row and plopped myself down.

Immediately I droned the teacher out, she wasn't worth listening to. She wasn't worth my time. I looked at my surroundings finding nothing out of the ordinary. Kids sitting at desks all aligned in perfect rows. This teacher had to be a new teacher. The way she spoke, was so naive and excited like she actually wanted to teach this stuff. As I surveyed my surroundings, I could immediately tell who were the jocks and popular and nerds. Nerds were taking notes, and everyone else was either looking really bored or on their phones. I directed my thoughts back to day dreaming. I wanted to get out of this hell hole. This wasn't the place for me.  Seems to me I don't really fit in anywhere. 

But there was a time where you did fit in in life, with your family. A small murmur of a voice intruded my thoughts.

I came back to reality when I heard my name
"...Tori will be with Colby. Zachariah will be with Grace, and Molly will be with Seth."

What the heck was happening?

"Ok, get with your partner and begin your project! You have the rest of the class time to work." She took her seat and I was left dumbfounded. The sound of shifting desks and chairs began and I groaned. Then someone sat down next to me. I turned to look at him and mentally began hitting my head against an imaginary wall. He had slightly messed up hazel colored hair and big glasses.

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