I gave up and frowned. I sat on my stool in atempt to surrender.
" So what do want?!" I said in a nervous tone. " I want a ....Date" he said "Huh.. Wait a date that's what you want. I thought you would want me to marry me or mark me" I said.
"Ohh....there's an idea." He said and I was beyond shocked. " don't worry....little mate I am not going to force you. Marriage that will happen but when you say and marking it will happen when you're ready. " he said and I smiled. ......he is perfect.

"Yes....a million times yes." I said.
" i'll pick you up at 6 okay." He said and I nodded. "I'll go make arrangements." He said and pecked my lips and left.

I looked at the clock it was almost 9.
I had plenty of time to choose a dress, get matching sandles, decide make up and accessories. I was almost having a panic attack.......first date with your mate is going to be special!!!!

I went in my walk in wardrope for selecting the dress. I called my friends telling them its an emergency. It absolutely was. They came in and we started to select the dress.after some time I again looked at the clock.
" its 4 already. We have just selected the dress and earnings. He's going to be here in 2 hours. Girls hurry up no talking." I said and they stood up.
" yes ma'am " they replied playfully.
Everything after that went in fast forward. I dressed up in a red dress with golden accessories. I put on make up and was applying perfume when the door bell rang. I looked at the clock it was sharp 6o'clock.
The door opened and Linda entred
" he's here. Hurry up" she said and I nodded. "Wish me luck" I said.
" ohh.....go rock and roll tonight girl" she said and we winkied.

I got to walk downstairs to see Jason's eyes turn black in lust. He was looking dashing as always. His jacket black and hot. His scent lavender and sexy. I inhaled all I could but it was always less. " you lo-look gorgeous " he said nervously. I smiled" you don't look so bad yourself" I said.

We left in his oh so amazing car which smelt all fresh and cozy today.
" so lets play a game." He said. " okay....but if you ask a question you yourself have to answer " I replied.
" ok. So me first. What's your favorite color.Red" he said." Silver." I replied.
" silver!! That's an unusual favourite colour." He said. "I know but I like it because it resembles the moon. It has a shade of white but sparkle on its own. How many girlfriends?" I asked expecting 50 or above. " none." He said. " you're kidding me right. None thats like zero. How is that possible." I said. "Well many girls proposed but I refused. Guess I had only one girl on my mind and heart." He said and my heart skipped a beat.

"We're here. Now I'm going to tie a blindfold so you trust me" he said and I replied a yes. A little scared but my mate would protect me from anything and anyone. A angry alpha is the worst nightmare. And messing with their mates get them very angry. They are very overprotective and possessive about their mates.
We walked for about 2mins, he took out the blindfold and what I saw blew my mind away. There was sea, a long ship which had our name on it and a table set only for two. The sun setting slowly and sky quiet. There was light song in the background. The ship was decorated with lights. If a girl could imagine a date. Jason Harrison did way better. We climbed abort. We had an early dinner. Then he stood up and went on his knee." Can I have the pleasure of this dance" he asked in the most romantic way possible.

I nodded yes and we danced for more than two hours. It was already 10 and I didn't feel sleepy at all. "Nicole" he said. I nodded and looked at him.
"All this time as Alpha. I Won because I had no weak spots. But now I do. I have a fragile beautiful person and I am not going to loose you or let anyone hurt you. OK you just have to listen sometimes." He said and I went towards his chest. Kept my head on his chest which was beating fast.

I re- remembered his words...wait a second. "Listen sometimes.....i am not stubborn mister" I said and he smiled whereas I frowned. " jase.....what happened to your parents." I asked a little nervous. " its a long story. " he said and I got up to look at him when he talks. He smiled. " my parents were mates. My father was the beta of the biggest pack of the world but one day our pack out caught fire. I was small and mom took me out in time. He came out though. And the alpha family died in explosion. People said that he ran away but my father didn't speak to anyone after that night. We moved here and this areas alpha offered beta's position to my father but he refused. After some weeks my father shit himself. People said it was out of guilt. My was was devastated and humiliated by everyone. So she ran away leaving me at Mr. Dursleys.
I never saw them again." He said almost sobbing." Hey its okay " I said hugging him and patting his back.

He hugged me back and we stayed there for a minute. "Let's get to the pack house it's getting late." I said looking at him. " what the date isn't over. The last thing is still remaining. " he said happily and excited.
He looked at the sky. He wrapped his hands around me and pulled him closer. " this is for you and only you." He said. There were fireworks. Blue green sliver red yellow every colour. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Then there was a big sound and this firwork had written
Nicole & Jason Forever. I smiled and he cupped my cheeks." I love you" he said. " I love you too." I said. I pulled back and we kissed. Our kiss was more deep and passionate this time. He pushed me towards the wall and we continued our kiss.

There was no one on the ship and we were all alone. Crew members must have gone to sleep in the lower deck.
His toungue asked for permission and this time I didn't fight. Our tongues dancing together. His hands pressed my hips and I moaned. He continue to kiss me on my neck.

"Mark Me " I said and we stopped kissing. " Are you sure. " he asked and I nodded. He kissed my jaw and stopped where he was supposed to Mark Me. He kissed it. I felt his sharp fangs dig into my skin and I felt pain throght my entire body. I would have collapsed if he hadn't held me.

The pain quickly replaced by pleasure. I felt exhausted. He licked my blood and I moaned. He smiled.
" you must be sleepy." He said. He picked me up in bridal style and took me downstairs. We slept together and cuddled all night.

It was the most amazing night.

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