Chapter 53

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"Ah!" Dad screamed, putting my body first. I covered my eyes and tried to walk with Dad shaking on me.

I reached forward and grabbed Uncle Zayn's shirt with my eyes closed.

"You okay?" I monster snarled in my ear. I screamed and dug my face in Uncle Zayn's shirt the best I could with Dad clinging to me.

When we finally got out, I breathed a sigh of relief. Everybody was standing in front of me, and just looking at me. Or next to me.?

I furrowed my eyebrows, and turned around to see what they were all staring at.

I screamed when I came face to face with a big bloody monster, and I ran into Uncle Louis arms.

I only ran into his because the rest are chickens and I don't remember hearing him scream once in this haunted thing.

"I gotcha, babe." Uncle Louis said.

"Let's go ride the coaster!" Uncle Harry yelled. We walked to the coaster, and there was surprisingly no line.

We got on, and I think Uncle Zayn gripped my hand purple all the way up the hill.

"Wait.. Aren't you scared of-" I started, but was cut off by him screaming at we went down a hill.

That answered my question.

When the coaster was over, we just hung out and took a lot of pictures. This was so much fun.

"Did you have fun?" Dad asked as we were walking to the car. I nodded and got into the car with rest.

"Yeah. It was actually really fun." I told them. "Thank you guys."

"Awe, it's no problem love." Uncle Louis said, putting his arm around me and squeezing me towards him.

"Where to now?" I asked. We all thought for a second.

"Food?" Uncle Niall asked. We laughed and Dad started driving somewhere.

"Where are we eating?" I asked. We pulled up to Nandos, and that answered my question.

"How many?" The lady asked.

"Six." Dad said. She nodded and lead us to our table. We all took a seat and looked at the menus.

When our waiter came, we ordered our food and drinks and waited for it to come.

"You guys are such chickens." I said. They all gaped at me.

"We're chickens? You were tearing my shirt with your grip." Uncle Zayn said. I laughed.

"Yeah, well you should have heard Dad." I said. They all nodded but Dad.

"Trust me, love. We did." Uncle Harry said. I laughed.

"That's not very nice." Dad said, pouting a bit.

"Dad.. Your face was so funny though!" I said, laughing. The rest of the guys laughed, and Dad even cracked a smile.

"Shut up." Dad said, shaking his head with a grin.

"Here you are." The guy said, handing us all our food. We thanked him and dug in.

When we were all done eating, we went out to the car and made our way home. But it's not the a.m. anymore...

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When we got home we just kinda lounged around. But then I pulled out my phone and started snapchatting ugly pictures to everyone.

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