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Hey everyone, thanks for reading my fanfic...this is going to be the last chapter as i'm getting kind of bored with it. I will be writing another one though so if you like this one, hope you can check out the other one. Hope ya like it! :)

[Giovanna’s POV]

“Where did you two sneak off to?” I asked curiously, nudging Roses arm.

“We were just out the back,” I knew she wouldn’t fall for it, she always knows when I’m lying.

“You were so doing it weren’t you?”

“No! Didn’t get to go that far,” she said, sounding disappointed. “Someone interrupted us,” Rose said slyly pointing to Jayden. “And please stop saying ‘doing it’, it sounds so childish.” She poked her tongue at me.

“You little slut,” I laughed.

“Shh, and I’m not a slut. I only have eyes for one guy and one guy only, I just unfortunately got interrupted” she laughed.

Julian came over to Rose and whispered something in her ear, then walked off.

“What did he say?” I asked curiously.

“He said that Will has a room in the shed, that we could use” she smiled.

“You lucky bitch!” I laughed. “You know it,” She winked, then stuck her tongue out at me, and walked off in the same direction as Jules.

“Hey Jaydo, what ya doing? Rose ditched me for Jules.”

“I’m kinda bored actually. Do you wanna go outside or something?”

“Umm, not out the back, that’s kinda occupied,” I snickered. “Is there a spare room somewhere we can go in?” I asked hinting to him.

“Umm yeah,” he smiled and lead me over to the spare room. We both knew what we wanted and we kind of just started making out. I sat on Jayden’s lap, facing him, grinding up against him. He is such an amazing kisser! I pushed him on to the bed and he had the biggest smile on his face. I pulled his shirt over his head and he started to take off my dress. My lips pressing against his neck and down to his chest, while I ran my hands through his hair. He flipped me over so he was on top of me, his lips were pressing against my chest, down to my stomach. I couldn’t help but giggle, he’s just so gorgeous, and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to meet him, now this. Today and now was definitely a day to remember forever. 

[Trent’s POV]

Zach, Keeda, Will and I were in the lounge room jamming out to my guitar. Jennifer left as she had to go to work in like 8 hours. It was nice to have the boys around and hang out. It’s times like this that you’d always remember; having a great time being with your best friends.

“Hey what are the others doing?” I asked everyone, only just noticing they were nowhere to be found.

“Julian and Rose are out in the shed and Jayden and Giovanna are in the spare room. What do you think they’re doing?” Will said chuckling.

“I don’t wanna know,” I laughed.

“It’s not like them to just sleep around.” Zach pointed out.

“Maybe it’s not like that and to be honest they are a bit drunk,” I replied.

“Oh well, they’re just having a good time,” Will laughed.

* * *

[Rosalie’s POV]

It was morning. I woke up, not remembering where I was and I started to freak out. I thought yesterday was all dream. That was until I saw Julian lying next to me, and realised it actually happened…he looks so adorable when he’s sleeping. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to actually meet the boys and hang out with them.

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