Chapter 3

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Aarons's P.O.V

I"m so dreading going to school right now. Uhg. Mostly because Lisa Moreno is there. I shuddered thinking about her. She thinks shes my girlfriend just because i fucked her ;ike two times but she is so boring like a piece of cardboard. And becuse I have to look for a mate,yup a mate.One thing I am a werewolf most importantly an upcoming alpha, and I need a mate to be my side.And Lisa thinks she is my mate.Another shudder went threw me. 

I see my Highschool infront of me.I get there and I turned my motorcyle off and took my helmet off . I see people giving me multiple looks of jealousy and lust except one girl,Hailey Campton. I feel some kind of pull to her, I was about to go and talk to her but I see Lisa running to me like a maniac. She yelled "AARON!" before jumping on me and start sucking on my face, I pushed her off of me and said "Hey baby I missed you" I said, hey might as well play her she is hot with her fake ass boobs and orange tan and barbie blond hair.Sarcasm there.

"Uhg, look at that slut Hailey Campton,she is so fake!"She exclaimed. 

The only fake one is you i thought in my head. "Let's go talk to her and see how fake she is"she said.

We started to make our way to her group of friends, and i see that she had an adorable look on her face. Wait Adorable ?! God I am going crazy. We got infront of her and I saw her friend knudge her hard.

"what the hell Ally?" she asked,or rather yelled.

"Hails!Aaron Mitchell-" she barely got out before Hailey interrupted her."I don't care about Aaron Mitchells Ally, hes a self-centered jerk and don't forget a man whore." she said with a scowl on her face.

"I don't really think I'm self centered," i said "i just love myself." with a clearly amused smirk.

She looked at me with a bewildred(A/N .. don't know if its correct :3) expression . Haha look at her face!It's priceless!

"We just wanted to see how fake you are b*tch" Lisa sneered. " The only fake one here blondie is you," Hailey said while looking at her nails with a bored expression "with your orange tan and your so short! you just need green hair to be an oompa loompa." 

 I chuckled,"wow Hailey you got a sense of humor" 

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