Welcome to my reality

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1. This is just the beginning

Hello! My name is Evanna and I have 14 years old, my 15th birthday is going to be in October 13, I'm the youngest in my class, I live in Texas, but my biggest dream is that one day, I can move to Germany, in my opinion, one of the greatest countries in the world. I love listening to music, specially my favorite band, Tokio Hotel. I always had the idea that I was a strange girl, and I always been in the label of "Loony" in my school, it doesn't matter where I go, I'm always judged by others, every thing that I like many people consider it as weird things, but I don't care, I try to stay focused in my "insane line" and try not to brake it. In a few months I will finish with High School, but i would like to begin this story 5 years ago.

I was about to start studying the 5th grade in Los Angeles, a day before we begin classes, I broke my right leg, and the next day, was the most dificult day of my life.

When I entered to my class room, I was very happy to see my friends again, and of course, I saw many new faces. Everybody was very nice to me the first days, they helped me to move with my broken leg, but there was specially one guy that caught my attention at the end of that rainy afternoon on friday.

- Hello! do you need some help? - he said kindly

- No thanks -  I answered in a very rude way while I was trying to get my school bag.

- Uhm.. okay.. - that moment I knew that he was dissapointed because he tried to give me a good first impression, but I just didn't like him. - My name is Evan by the way! - he said happily - And I think we can be great friends this year! what do you think? -

I didn't know what to say, he was just, beautiful... my mind went completely out of my body and I don't know where it went.

- Uhm, I'm Evanna, and I really don't care.. excuse me - I tried to stand up from my chair but the plaster in my leg wouldn't let me.

- let me help you with that - he said while he took my school bag, I was shocked, I felt like I was drowning in his eyes, they were blue like the ocean

- uhm n-no, thanks, I can do it by myself - I can hardly breathe, but suddenly one of my best friends came in.

- Hey Eva! Let me help you with that! - he said while he was taking my school bag away from Evan,

- Oh! Hello you new guy! My name is Fred -

- I told not to call me like that, just Evanna -  I said angrily.  I was between 2 of the most handsome guys I've ever seen, my mind flew away again.

- Uhmm hey, I'm Evan -

- Cool. Alright Evanna lets go,I think your mom is already waiting for you outside. Nice to meet you Ryan! -

- It's Evan, Fred... - I told him while we were walking outside the classroom, and whispering he said - Who really cares? - I giggled.

The weekend went just normal, but I couldn't stop thinking of Evan, I was behaving to rude with him, but stupidly that's the way I used to behave with new people.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; Thursday... went normally and Evan never told me a word until that Friday afternoon, coincidence? I don't think so.

- He-hello Evan... -

- Let me tell you something dude, I don't even know you so why are you talking to me? leave me alone! -  I didn't meant to do it, but all I can say, is that I was telling something that I wasn't thinking, and that I wasn't feeling and I keep wondering why.

A few months later, my plaster was removed from my leg, I felt free again, and our teacher told us what representation we were going to do that year; "The Nightmare before christmas" I was going to play the little pinky witch, an elf, and a little girl that recieved the worst Christmas present, and so the rehearsals began. Evan was going to play an elf too, and in our scene together...

- You need to kiss her -  the teacher said, I just felt how the blood inside of me went down my feet.

- WH-WHAT?! A KISS?! -  I was shocked, I didn't know what to say, but I felt the feeling of satisfaction that Evan was emitting me.

- I guess that Evan's erotic dream finally came true! -  said one of my best friends, Peter was his name. he was laughing out loud with Jenny, Fred, Aby, Cat, Jason, Charlie and Romina, I noticed that Evan's face was turned from a natural pink to live red on his face.

- Hey guys! Calm down! now, lets practice the scene one more time, with...the kiss - I didn't knew what Miss Christy had on her head, but I had no choice. So we did it, a simple kiss in my cheek was more than enough to make me mentally collapsed to the cold floor of my brain.

- EEWW!!!! - I was telling something I didn't feel again, - that was so freaking gross!! -

- I bet it was Evanna! - I can hardly hear what Cathy said, I was completely out of me, suddenly the bell rang.

I was walking outside to wait mom, when I heard a voice screaming my name, I was hoping to be him, but... it wasn't.

- Evanna! -  I turned around and I saw Peter, Fred and Romina coming towards me.

- OH! hey guys! are your moms already here? -

- No, but we were wondering are you going to go to Aby's birthday party? -

- Uhm, Ro, I don't know, I have many things to do. Remember that the play is in 2 weeks, and to tell you the truth I am really nervous. -

- Oh come on Evanny! is going to be so much fun! with slides and swings! you love swings! - said Peter, then he looked at Fred and he added - And I think Evan is going to be there - I do not tolerate that annoying mocking tone he had we he wanted to bother someone.

- uhm ok I love swings! - I said, but I was saying something I was not thinking again, actually I was thinking of Evan. I really wanted to go to that party because of him...

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