Someone Caused Me To Write This...

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Do you ever hate it when you say having a specific sexuality is great and you support a persons choice but then they rub it in your face like being gay or being straight is the centre of the universe, or they say every girl is a lesbian or every guy is gay and what not.

Don't get me wrong, I support if you're gay, straight, asexual or bi, or anything, but it's not like it's all about you & your sexuality.

You don't need to go bantering on about it, and especially if someone likes someone who isn't one of your preferences. Don't say they're ugly because they're a guy and you like girls. It's someones decision whether they find someone attractive or not.

And this goes for show/story shippers too:

If someone is in a relationship in a story or in show/movie, and the relationship is a straight couple who are canon, or are trying to be in a relationship, yet you ship the gays that aren't canon.

You're totally allowed to ship that, no matter what. That is your choice. But you should NOT insult other relationships/ships because of the sexuality standpoint.

Anyways, just because you're a certain sexuality doesn't mean you have a right to insult or discriminate other sexualities and opinions that others have. You don't need to say every girl is straight, or every guy is gay because in reality, the world has a variety of people, good and bad.

You can be attracted to all genders, and it doesn't matter who you are. Love is love, not discrimination of other people's choices.


Hey guys, it's me with a rant about people who discriminate sexuality choices or think their sexuality is better, or thinks one specific gender is always one specific sexuality.

Someone "inspired me" to write this after countless days of discrimination.

Just so you guys know, if you don't know already, I am straight.

It's almost my 10 month anniversary with my boyfriend iloveVT101 !

So I will see you guys in the next update of this, Cover Your Tracks, or PIE - Back In Time!

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