Chapter 2

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Lola's POV

"Lola, what time do you have to be there?" My brother called out.
I looked in the mirror, stupid eyeliner, I just couldn't get it right.
"Ten thirty."
"Well it's quarter to eleven now." He yelled.
"So?" I yelled back. "Finally." I'd gotten it right.
I turned to walk out of the bathroom and ran straight into Zack.
"It's rude to keep people waiting you know." He told me.
"I'm sure she won't mind Zachary." I muttered, grabbing my purse.
"I don't know why you're moving out in the first place." He said.
"Because I want to." I told him.
But I couldn't tell him the truth. I couldn't tell him that I really didn't like his girlfriend, she was a cow and she made me feel unwelcome in my own home.
"That's lame Lola."
"Yeah well, are you ready?" I asked him.
He nodded and we went out to his car. "How far?" He asked.
"Seriously two minutes."
He grumbled but I ignored him, staring out of the window.
"How much do you know about her Lola?" He asked. "What if she's a serial killer?"
I looked at him and laughed. "I'm pretty sure she's not a serial killer." I told him, picturing Alex. She was a tiny thing, smaller than me and she just didn't seem the killer type.
"You never know." He mumbled.
I knew, there was something about her I liked. Yeah she seemed a little uptight but there was more to her I think.
"It's this one on the left." I told him as we approached the house.
"Jesus Christ Lola." He said, pulling into the drive. "Who's house is this?"
"Alexandria owns it."
"What if she's in the fucking mafia?"
"Oh for godsake Zack." I snapped, getting out of the car.
I headed up the stairs, pressing the door bell and Zack joined me.
"Finally." Alexandria said, opening the door.
I smiled at her, she was just so darn cute, all prim and proper, not a hair out of place, I was pretty sure she was brought up with money, she just looked that way.
"God I'm so sorry." I told her. "Fucking eyeliner."
I tried not to laugh, watching her eye's bulge at my use of the 'F' word.
"Anyway." I went on. "This is my brother Zack, Zack this is Alex."
"Alexandria." She corrected me, holding her hand out to him.
I was going to have so much fun getting the stick out of her ass.
"Nice to meet you." He said shaking her hand.
"Anyway, I have the papers in the kitchen." She announced.
I looked at Zack, smirking and we followed her.
Zack picked up the papers, reading them.
"It's just a standard lease but feel free to have your lawyer look at them." She told him.
He opened his mouth to reply but I snatched them off him, signing them.
"It's fine."
Zack glared at me, but I ignored him.
"So it's okay if I move in on Saturday?"
She nodded, smiling. "Yes, I've taken the weekend off." She told me.
"Great, we can get to know eachother."
She just kept on smiling and nodding.
"Anyway, I'll let you get to work." I told her.
"Great." She said, walking us to the door. "I'll see you Saturday."
"You will, oh." And I said turning back to her. "I hope you don't mind but some of Zack's friends will be helping with the move."
"Oh of course not." She said.
We said our goodbyes before getting back in the car.
"Well?" I asked Zack.
"Well." He said. "She seems uh different."
"But a good different." I told him, smiling.
"Maybe but I still think she's mafia."
I shook my head. "Honestly."
"I hope you don't regret this decision."
Alex was obviously a neat freak, I was not. She was obviously a perfectionist, I was not. She was straight laced, I was not. But we were going to get on just fine.
I wouldn't regret this decision.
I hoped.

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