Part 28

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"What kinda flowers?" I asked Eugene. We were doing minor wedding planning.

"I don't know" He sighed. "You know what else we have to plan for?"

"What?" I asked bored with wedding planing too. Dresses and Suits are Fun, but Costs are boring.

"We have the Anime Expo and Halloween"

"Oh yeah" I smiled "What do we have to do"

"Don't you mean, what I have to do" He laughed.

"I do stuff too" I shoved his shoulder.

"Like what?" 

"I-" I paused "I look after you boys"

"Yeah. You do work hard though, I guess we are hard to keep under control"He smiled.

"Well I try. I'm gonna go to bed" I laughed getting up.

"I'll follow you" 

"That sounds kinda creepy"

"What? Why"

"I'll follow you" I mimicked in a raspy voice.

"And you say I'm a dick" He laughed.

"Hey Eugene"

"Yeah?" he smiled still shaking with laughs.

"Shut the fuck up" I gave him a cheesy grin.

"Good Morning" Ashly said as Eugene and I walked trough the door. We hadn't done anymore wedding planing since last week.

"Morning" I smiled giving her a quick hug waving to Britney.

"Thank god your here though Y/N" Ashly patted my back moving me away from Eugene taking Britney with us.

"Why? What's wrong?"

"We want you to be in our new twelve part series and be in more Buzzfeed Violet videos" Ashly announced to me.

"Wow that's awesome. I'd love too" My smiled drooped a little bit "But you know with my other job and all"

"It's fine Y/N. Welcome to the violet family" Britney smiled at me.

"Thanks so much guys" My phone started to ring. "Sorry I have to take this"

"Go ahead" Ashly said then they started talking about film times or something like that.

"Hey Tui" I answered the phone.

"We need you to do a job tomorrow" She said down the phone sounding rushed.

"Why?" It was a question I had asked a lot today.

"A model has dropped out 'family issues' or something" She sighed.

"But tomorrow is Saturday, Halloween"

"But It is also your job" I could tell she was already angry so I thought it would be best not to push her further.


"See you at twelve tomorrow, I'll text you the address. Thanks for this Y/N" Then she hung up not even letting me say goodbye.

Hey guys, thanks for reading the chapter. There was a lot of dialog and it was boring so thanks for putting up with that.

Please read Bored.

Love you.

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