Unexpected Part 2

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I could feel the iron hold of my incarcerator tighten, as I struggled to let myself free from his grip. My heart pounded erratically, quickening in pace with each second I was carried in an unknown direction. Not knowing what was happening, or what they wanted with me was terrifying, and it made my adrenaline rush. Because of that, my weak attempts at setting myself free became fiercer and more consistent; I wildly gnawed and kicked at the stranger who was holding me captive. It seemed as if hours had passed before my efforts began to take effect, but he finally set me down. As soon as he did, I decided to run.

Soon, I figured that that was the worst thing I could have done at the moment. With a disadvantage of being blindfolded, I was stopped before I could even take a step. Abruptly, I was pushed down with excessive force, and having no visibility as to where I was landing, I fell onto a large piece of broken glass. It had deeply cut into the lower part of my right arm, right above my wrist, and I let out a loud muffled scream. Tears welled in my eyes as I felt my wound, and the warm liquid that was gushing from it. I didn't have anytime to make an effort at untying the cloth wrapped around my eyes, and check the severity of my wounds, because I in the pit of my stomach, I had a feeling that there was more to come.

I actually had the slightest amount of hope that my intuition was wrong, and that there would be no more harm in my future. Of course, I was wrong.

There was the slight shuffling sound of footsteps, which were heading my way, and I mentally prepared myself for the worst. As the footsteps came closer, my heart rate began to accelerate, and after what felt like years of fear-provoking waiting for what was to come, the strange person had finally arrived to my side.

I felt the person kneel to my side, and once he was close enough he whispered, "I'm sorry Elise, for everything." There was a sudden rush of relief that I felt as I heard Mathew's voice. I wanted to ask him what was happening, and if we where going to be okay. I wanted to ask him so many questions that I needed to know the answers to, but for some reason I couldn't make myself ask them. My head said to trust him and ask, while my gut said to keep quit because trusting him with my thoughts would just cause more trouble. I didn't have a clue as to what I should do, so I decided to stay quiet. After a short period of silence passed, I could feel Mathew rise to his feet, and hesitate as he stood beside me. As a result of that I could feel the unease rumble in my stomach again, and my heartbeats begin to rise.

Once again, I heard footsteps heading my way, but this time they belonged to multiple people. I began to rise to my feet, but before I had expected them to arrive they were there. Out of nowhere I was kicked in the side of my stomach, and I fell to the ground. The pain was shocking, as I didn't expect it to hurt as much as it did. Of course, there was no time to even response to the surprising act, because before I knew, it began again. All the pain would be repeated, but this time it would a million times worse, and some how I knew, that Mathew would be involved.

There I lay on the ground, gasping for breath and holding my stomach. I couldn't believe how bad it had felt, but no doubt, there was worse to come. The next thing I knew I was kicked on the other side of my stomach, and that seemed to begin everything. At that very moment, the rest of the men began to attack me. There was no part of me that was being left alone, and I struggled against the unwanted violence. I couldn't protect myself from all these men, for they were the predators, and I was their injured prey. There was no uncertainty in my mind, as I thought over what could possible occur. This could most likely be the end of me, the end of my life, and I thought over what I wanted to do. Should I continue with my feeble acts at defending myself, or just give up and hope for the best. I mulled over this as I shielded my face from the furry that seemed to come out of these strangers through there fists and feet. I decided that I would give up and hope for the best, because either way, I'd probably lose.

In my mind I silently prayed to God for a miracle. All I asked for was for these people to stop what they're doing, and to spare, at the very least, Mathew's life.

***Hope you guys like it, and sorry it's so short. i've never been good at writing long pieces, but I'm working on that. ***

Hope, love, peace and respect~ Celeste

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