Chapter One: I'm Just Tired

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Ten years Later

My head swayed back and forth as I listened to my latest playlist boom out of my Ipod. AC/DC Back In Black pounded into my ear drums as I got ready for yet again another day at the legal torture institution formally known as school. I slipped on my vintage Eagles t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and worn out black converse sneakers. My shoulder blade length chestnut  hair pulled up into a high pony tail with my bangs hanging slightly in my face.

I was in the middle of air guitar when my mom came into my room. She laughed and stood patiently until my song was finished.

"Hey Mom!" I said with a smile, shutting down my music.

"Good morning Angel," She said giving me a hug, "Back in Black?" She asked as she let me go.

"Yeah! How did you know?"

"I could hear it from the kitchen. You should listen to it a bit quieter you know, someday you may want your ears to work." She smiled at me.

"Aww but that would be no fun! You can't listen to it right if it's quiet!" I said throwing my hands in the air. Mom rolled her eyes at me, like always.

"Well, if you don't hurry you're going to be late to school." She said handing me my backpack.

"It's just school." I said as I loaded my stuff into the bag. Mom shot me one of those parental looks that chew you out in one action, "Kidding!" I said with a grin.

"Sure you were," She replied "Make sure to get gas. You were low last night."

"I will, Mom." I gave her a hug and headed for the door grabbing my keys off the table.

"I love you!" called Mom.

"Love you too! Happy Birthday!" I called back as I shut the front door. Running down the front steps to my car.  I looked up and saw the picture of my dream car on my visor, a black four door '67 Chevy Impala. I'd always wanted one and someday I'd own that car. 

Though my car wasn't much, it was mine. It was a black 1973 V.W. Bug. I had gotten this for my sixteenth birthday back in April. It was now September and Autumn was just arriving in Nevada. I loved old cars like this, sure I could go get a new one but they don't have personality like the classics. I turned over the ignition and listened to it for a minute before actually putting it into gear and pulling out.

Since it was an older model it didn't have any new technology, just an old cassette player. I lived to listen to music so I had hopped online and learned how to make mix tapes and also had found an awesome little store that sold cassettes. I had a huge collection ranging from indie folk to classic rock, which happened to be my favorite. My friends all said I needed an upgrade in music, but I just ignored them and listened to what I wanted. It held special meaning to me, since I was young my mom would play the Eagles on every road trip ever. So classic rock felt like home to me, especially in a car. Besides, in personal opinion, a lot of the crap they listened to was an offense to all music. Not all, but a lot.

I pulled into a gas station on main street to fill up. I went inside and paid for the gas, as I was waiting in line, I noticed a small dolphin key chain, Mom would love this! I thought to myself. What a great birthday gift for her. I bought the key chain and paid for my gas then headed off to school. Shit! I thought to myself, I had forgotten my world civilizations homework at home. Well its to late to go back and get it! I shut off my Bug after I had pulled into the parking lot, now I was totally pissed off.  I did the one thing I knew would calm me down, plugged in my Ipod.

The bell rang to go to class just as I walked in the doors. My locker was on the other side of the building.  Looks like I'm gonna be late! I went and retrieved my binder for first period, Biology, then headed to class. Just before I walked down the science hall, I was stopped by the Vice Principle.

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