Chapter 1- backflash.

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Niall's POV:

I was standing with the other boys while names were being called. I still didn't hear my name. Along with a bunch of other boys.

"Okay, we're letting the rest of you go. We are really sorry guys. You are all very talented."

I hear Simon Cowell say.

I was screaming on the inside. Ready to burst out into tears. I went backstage to get my things, I see the rest of the boys crying. I walk out of the building and sit down. Soon I start crying.

Louis' POV:

I had just been told I was going home and not moving forward.

I don't know how to react, honestly.

I was outside, ready to leave, with a blank face.

Liam's POV:

I can't believe this.. I've been working so hard for this! I want it so bad! I just don't understand why they let me go..

I gathered my things and walked outside with the others.

Zayn's POV:

I'm crushed. I just want to be told I can sing. If only they would give me one more chance to prove myself! I can do it! I believe in myself!

Why does this have to happen? Why.. I went to go get my things and go home as I cried, trying to hold my tears in my eyes.

Harry's POV:

What? I can't believe this. I'm being sent home. After all this hard work! I cried as I grabbed my things and sat outside beside a young Irish lad, talking to him about how much we wanted a chance.

Suddenly they were all called back stage for interviews. They were all thinking why they were there. Why did they need to be interviewed? There were five girls standing on the stage and five boys.

The judges separated the boys and girls into separate groups. One was an all boy group with all five boys.

The other was all the five girls together.

"We've decided you guys are to talented to let go. You are going to be performing in these groups together."

Everyone was screaming and hugging each other so happy to be out through.

Now we have to get passed the judges house. We can all do this. We have to.

The next couple of days we all bonded together forming best friends. Talking about how happy we were, and how sad we were when we got sent home.

We were at the judges house, performing a song together as a band. We thought we sounded pretty good. When we were finished performing we were sent in the judges house. A little bit later we were called back outside.

"You're through." Was the only words we heard. We were all jumping on each other and hugging the judge as Simon was smiling as well. It was pure happiness.

We went through all the struggles through the X-factor competition. Always bring ourselves, nog caring what other people thought about us.

One night, we were eliminated. We lost at third place.

We were speechless.

We had to go home.

The next day Simon called us to his office, telling us he was signing us up for a record deal.

We were so excited.

We had our first concert. Harry missed the breath before his big solo. We all knew there was something wrong just by looking over at him across the stage.

After the first concert, Harry got so much hate. He didn't know why. He was being drowned in hate.

Quickly the other boys got hate too.

Soon there were ship names being made by our directioners. There is one in particular everyone fights horridly over.

Larry Stylinson.




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