Don't smile, doooon't smile, Oh! You smiled :D *Chappie One*

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I gave my best gay friend a great big hug before he left fo Ohio, yes, we live in Florida, or... he did.  "I will miss you Britt" He smiled a great big smile and ran out to the boat. Tears ran down my face. "Bye, Owen." I cried. He looked back waving. "By-By Brittany! Miss ya, already!"

Months went by, Owen PROMISED he'd call me, skype me, and mail me. But he didn't do any of that! Since we're now 19, I'm sure he doesn't care about me anymore. "Brittany! Cody! Justine!" I heard my mom call, angrily. "Oh, great" I murmured to my 11 year old sister, Justine. She just smiled and we walked downstairs holding hands. She didn't look at all angry, in-fact, she looked, happy?

This is the first time she's looked happy in years, ever since the day after dad died, she refuses to even put a grin on her face. This time, she was smiling ear to ear, what's the good news? Cody came running downstairs as fast as his 5 year old feet could keep him up. He bumped into me and I fell down, bringing Justine down with me. "Cody!" I shrieked. "What is your problem?" I yelled. My mom turned her Smile upside down. It turned into a frown. "Don't speak to your brother that way!" She glared at me. I didn't even want a small glimpse at her face. She turned to face Cody, pointing her finger in her face. "Stop doing that!" She yelled grabbing him by the wrist, she gave him a hard spanking, serves him right!'

Justine slumped back. I grabbed her and pulled her up with me. My mom turned that frown upside down, smiling huge, she says "We're moving!" I noticed after 10 minutes my jaw was at the floor, I quickly pushed it back up. "God, no!" I told her. "No, mom!" Justine shrieked along with me. "Woohoo!" Is all Cody could say while running around the house knocking things over.

I let go of Justine and leaped forward. "Oh, you little-!" I cut myself off and started chasing Cody. God, that kid needs a great spanking with a belt. "Stop!" My mom yelled loud. I stopped dead in my tracks as I heard Justine scream. I went and saw Justine lying on the floor, blood pouring out of her. "Oh god" My stomach grumbled, I felt nautious. I picked Cody up and ran upto my bedroom. "Let go!" He said. "Shut up!" I whispered. "Mommy will kill you, so shush!"

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