Chapter 18

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~ 8 years ago; year 2430; July 25; Blackburn Manor~

The soft, melody-like laughter of a young girl filled the air of the small meadow behind the Blackburn Estate as a little girl skipped through the blossoming flowers and tall grass to the centre of the clearing. A boy few years her senior, dressed in a dark suit slowly followed her with more manor and mellowness than the energetic little girl.

“You’re going to get your new dress dirty,” the boy stated calmly as he stared at the giggling girl with adoration and affectionate gaze.

“It’s my 10th birthday; don’t be such a party popper Ethan!” The little girl teased as she twirled around in the meadow of wildflower that came pass her slender and yet-to-develop hips.

Ethan chuckled as the girl’s playfulness. “Your mother will kill you once she sees the grass and dirt stains on your new dress.”

But the young girl ignored him. “I, Evelyn Blackburn, am 10 years old!” She shouted at the top of her lungs before finally dropping down onto the jungle of wildflowers; breathless.

Ethan smiled and slowly settled himself next to the young Evelyn.

Ethan Redfern was 2 years older than Evelyn, and even at the tender age of 12, he was incredibly tall and mature for his age. His parents often say that he understands more than he should. He was always a brave one, always the leader, strong and unyielding once he knew what he wanted.

In a world ruled by vampires and humans were treated as second class beings, feeling passionate for what you believe in and being a determinate person could be both a curse and a blessing.

A gentle smile automatically found itself upon young Ethan Redfern’s youthful face as he tilted his head to look at Evelyn staring up at the sky with bright blue eyes, full of wonder and happiness. And to see her smiling so vibrant and care free like that made Ethan’s heart leap in his chest.

To Ethan, seeing Evelyn smile like that brought more happiness than all the money and power in the world ever could.

He chuckled before turning his head to look up at the sky as well. “What’s so special about being 10 years old? You will be an ugly duckling no matter how old you are.”

The young Evelyn gasped in shock before playfully began to hit Ethan’s long but slender arms. “You take that back!”

He chuckled again. “No, it’s the truth; and my mother always told me to tell the truth.”

Evelyn pouted and immediately pushed herself up from the ground so she was sitting with a clear view of Ethan’s amused face. “No, I will be a swan one day. My mother said that when I once I turn 18 I will be the most beautiful girl the Vampire Nation has ever seen and that I will have boys lining up from here to the Hamptons wanting to marry me!”

Ethan smiled. “The Hamptons isn’t that far from here, only a few hours by car… And I doubt any of them would line up to the Hamptons, that’s basically the Royal Palace and where most of the noble vampires live; a no-go place for humans.”

 “Maybe I will be so beautiful that even the noble vampires will want to marry me!” Evelyn giggled, and a blush crept up to her cheeks the moment she said the word vampire. “Can you imagine how wonderful that will be?”

Suddenly, all the humour was wept from Ethan’s face and replaced by seriousness.

“Evelyn, don’t ever say that again; having a vampire fall for you in anything but wonderful!”

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