Chapter 2

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Three light knocks came from room door. I was still half a sleep.

"Yes ... ?" I mumbled. What was the time?
"Mister Emmerich called and asked me to remind you about the meeting today. You're going to meet young master Sieben at noon", Bastien said. I just nodded sleepily.
"Okay. How much is the clock right now?" I asked.
"It's 10. Would you like to have your breakfast soon?" my eyes opened immediately. I had only 2 hours before meeting.
"Yes, please. I'll be downstairs in a minute, Bastien", I said when standing up. Bastien just nodded slightly and left the room. I started to run.

I opened all my suitcases and started to dig out my dress. It qas one of my favorites. Something positive when you had rich parents, you could get nice clothes.

I hanged the dress on the rack and started with my normal morning routine, brushing my teeth, makeup and so on.

Today I needed to make little bit extra effort, because of the meeting. Agh, I hate my fiancé already. I'm pretty sure that this marriage don't last long... maybe I could free myself if I just promise to give him a child? Yes? No? I could try to runaway also.

I was thinking my options while curling my hair. Could I just say no? That I don't want to marry a man I don't know. I sighed quietly. Maybe I just have to do what my parents wants from me.

I hurried downstairs to eat my breakfast.
"Can you tell Jaden to get the car ready?" I asked Bastien.
"He is already waiting for you", he answered.
"Oh, then I need to hurry", I murmured and stuffed bred inside my mouth. "I'm sorry, this is not very lady like eating", I said. My mom would've fainted from the sight. Sometimes I really wasn't a lady she wanted me to be ... and this was one of those moments.
"I don't mind. I'm just a butler", Bastien said.

After I finished my breakfast I was alfeady heading out. Quick check on the clock told me that I'm going to be at the meeting on time. I checked my outfit, hair and smile.
"You're looking beautiful, Adeline", Bastien said while opening front door.
"Oh, thank you. I hope this is enough for my mom", I answered. "Oh well, see you later, bye", I rushed trough door and in the car.
"Jaden, weneed to hurry. I can't be late!"

Jaden drove little bit faster than speed limit was in the area. I was okay with it.
"Don't get pulled over by police", I reminded my driver. Then we would be late.
"I won't", he said, probably smiling little bit.
"Have you met my fiancé?" I said my question out loud.
"Yes. I was his driver until last year", Jaden said. I nodded slightly. "Then he said he would move me to someone elses driver. Then I didn't do that much work, until you came. Now I'm your driver, until someone fires me or I die." Jaden laughed, which indicated that last sentence was a joke. I smiled.
"I already like you. Maybe my life isn't going to be that boring", I truly hoped so.

Jaden stopped the car before a fancy house. My mouth was dry. "You're going to come with me?" I asked nervously.
"I can take you to the door. I'll wait for your return", Jaden answered. I nodded slightly. Well, I had my parents inside.

Jaden opened car door for me. I took a deep breath and stood up. My stomach was full of butterflys, I was so nervous. But it wasn't good kind of nervous, it was bad kind of nervous.

I didn't want to give bad image for myself, that was nerve wracking, definetely. I didn't want to embarass my parents, if I did they would be sooo angry with me. That was also one reason for my upset stomach.

Doors opened before me and maid was smiling at me.
"This way miss", she said to me.
"I'll wait you here", Jaden said before I followed maid. I gave him a smile. I really felt that I and him would come along pretty well. I like him.

Maid led me trough long hallways. Finally we got to the big wooden doors. Maid opened one door.
"There", she said, still smiling.
"Thank you", I said and gave a smile back. I stepped in a room. My parents were already present.

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