Chapter 1

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I watched as the scenery changed slowly from our mansion grounds for city. My parents sat in front of me, they were discussing about schedule for the next couple of days. We drove trough busy city streets. I saw few people turning to watch our car. Well, it was a fancy limousine. Some even took photos and probably wondered what kind of people was inside.

Scenery changed again, this time for airport. I was leaving my home city. I was heading to meet my fiancé. My parents had planned it, they arragent my marriage. How nice of them... not.

Maybe now it's time to tell something about myself. I'm 18 years old and only daughter. I have two older brothers. My family is highly respected in my country and that's why arragent marriage.
Truth to be told, I wanted just to be normal girl, see the world and find the man on my own. Man which I would love the most. But no, of course my mom and dad had to interfere. They said that I needed to marry someone with lot of power and money. THAT was what THEY wanted. More power, more money!
But... yeah, soon I'll be in the plane and heading towards my new miserable life. I sighed quietly, turned my faze away from window. Why did I have to born to this family?

# # # # #

After long flight I stepped outside our familys private jet. There was a car waiting for me. "Welcome miss", said the driver when he opened a door for me. "Thank you", I said and gave him a small smile. I sat on the backseat. Mom and dad would take another car, it was my only request for this trip. Along with spending at least one night alone before meeting. They gave me a different place to stay for whole trip!

Door closed and soon engine started. I fazed down on my hands. Silver band was around my left ring finger. I bit my lip, fighting against tears. Why it had to be me!
"Miss, is everything allright?" my driver asked, I saw a worried glance of beautiful green eyes.
"Yes, everythings fine", I said, attempting to smile.
".. do you want a tissue?" he asked. I was confused for a moment, then I realized that my face was stained with tears.
"Ah... that would be nice... thank you", I wiped my tears away with my hand. After that I received a tissue.
"You're welcome", driver said.

Finally, after long drive car stopped to halt.
"Miss, we are here.." I heard someone say and shaking me little bit. I opened my eyes.
"Oh... okay.." I was little confused after sleeping. Car door was kept open for me, but I was just watching the house I would be staying at. It was actually a mansion, and a lot bigger than my familys. Two big doors opened and man came out. Deciding on the outfit, he seemed to be a butler.. or should be, because they promised me to arrange a house all to myself.

Butler walked gracefully down the path. "Welcome Miss Emmerich", he said bowing slightly.
"Drop the Miss and call me by my first name", I said when standing out from the car. I straighted my clothes little bit.
"Oh.. okay, whatever miss wants", he answered little bit confused. I sighed. I've been listening my whole life "Miss this, miss that, miss go there, miss come here" I was sick of it already! So, now things are going to change, even little bit. Car door closed behind me. "I'll show you your room, someone will bring your luggage inside in a moment", I nodded and went after butler.

Mansion was marvelous. "Um... I'm alone here?" I had to confirm it.
"Ah, yes. Mister Sieben and his family rarely use this house anymore. It's yours to live while you're here miss", I rolled my eyes.
"Didn't I say drop the miss", I said with a little smile.
"Ah... well.. they didn't ... tell me your first name", butler answered.
"Oh.. well, it's Adeline. I'm Adeline Emmerich. But you can call me Addie", I said.
"Well then, this is your room Adeline", butler said opening the door at the same time. I stepped inside. "I'll leave you to for tonight. If anything comes, you can just ring the bell here or by your bed", butler said. He almost got away.

"What is your name?" I asked. Man came to a halt. He turned around to loon at me.
"It's not necessary to you to know it. I'm just a mere butler", he answered.
"You're human, just like me. You have a name and I gladly use it", I was shocked actually.
"I'm Bastien", he said. What an interesting name he had.
"Do you have any nickname, Bastien?" I asked smiling more brightly.
"Uh..." his face was little red now.
"Ah, if you don't want to tell me that's okay too", I said hurriedly. He gave me a polite smile.
"Good night, mi- Adeline", he said when closing door.

I dropped my polite smile and somewhat happy facade right after Bastien had closed the door. My limit was almost up with this shit. I started to wander around the room. It was huge, so was the bed. Maybe I had hopes to get decent night sleep.
I found myself in front of mirror. My hair was up and wavy long, brown hair came down. I had a very long hair. I was wearing a dress, cute knee lenght dress. Note for myself; never again wear this dress on when traveling.

I heard a knock from room door. "Come in!" I said, just a little bit louder than normal. My driver opened the door.
"Evening miss, I brought your luggage", he said.
"Thank you. Just leave them there", I said, pointing a place near him. He did so. When he was just about to leave I opened my mouth again.
"You'll be my driver whole time, right?" I asked.
"Yes.." I could see that he was thinking what he had done wrong.
"Then, can you tell me your name? I'm Adeline and you can call me that, without the miss", driver relaxed a little bit.
"My name is Jaden", he answered.
"Nice to meet you Jaden. I hope we can get along", I smiled little wider.
Jaden only nodded and excused himself. And again, I was alone.

I opened my suitcase and found my pajamas. Now was the time to relax! I had to be in a sharp shape tomorrow, or my parents would kill me. After changing clothing I went to do my evening routine. And very soon after getting under covers, I was a sleep. Day had been long and tiring.

# # # # #

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