How you met

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Lacrosse games weren't your favourite thing in the whole entire world but your best friend Malia Tate forced you to go because her boyfriend Stiles was finally playing in the match. So you sat on the bleachers bored out your mind and checking your phone every 5 minutes just in case a miracle happened and someone called you so that you could leave the god awful game. Malia was cheering for Stiles not that it helped because as you expected he was horrible at playing lacrosse, in fact most people on the team were. Except one; you didn't know his name and you couldn't see his face but he was good, unnaturally good.

After the game finished Malia went over to Stiles so that she could lie to him and tell him he did 'good'. You went over with her feeling like the third wheel until you looked around to see a boy you've never seen before, he had an uneven jawline and a smile that could make a whole room smile with him. He caught you staring and smiled in a your direction, you blushed and hid your face making sure that he couldn't see your flushed form.

He walked up to up but you couldn't see him because you were still hiding from him so he couldn't see your pink cheeks.

"Hey I'm Scott." He said cheerily.

You turned around confused and still flushed.

"Umm... I'm (Y/N). Great game out there by the way." You said giving him an awkward smile.

"Yeah thanks. Are you Malia's best friend?"

"Yeah why?"

"I just see you around a lot and sometimes with her."

"Really because I've never seen you before in my life."

This earns you a chuckle from him. He smiles but before he can reply Stiles come rushing over taking his attention away from you.

Maybe next time, you think to yourself. And there was a next time and many more after that.


You met Stiles Stilinski when you were five when he came up to you with his best friend Scott and said, "You're very pretty, I like you." He was blunt and you didn't know it then but that moment started it all, all it took was him saying a few words for you to like him and then love him


Meeting Derek Hale made you open up and accept things that people wouldn't believe. You were out one night taking a jog in the woods as you usually did at that time of day when you got a feeling that someone was following you. You stopped and looked back but no one was there so you decided to keep running but you still got the feeling that someone was there lurking in the shadows.

And you were right.

Next thing you know you were tackled to the ground by a man with glowing eyes, fangs, claws and way too much hair. The man (or whatever he was) got his claws and was just about to dig them into your throat but another man with glowing eyes, fangs, claws and way too much hair tackled him and then did exactly what the other man was planning to do to you. You screamed and got the off the floor only to met by your 'saviour'.

"I'm so sorry. I'm Derek." He said as his eyes and fangs disapeared.

"I'm (Y/N). Thanks for saving me... I guess."

After this he walked you home and explained everything about what just happened to you.


 You lived right across the road from Isaac and his father ocassionally gave you swimming lessons though you had never actually met Isaac himself. Until one night Mr.Lahey invited you and your parents to dinner at his house. You sat next to Isaac and you two bonded over your love of comic books (especially SpiderMan) and how he recently just traded with his friend Matt so that he could get a mint condition edition of his favourite superhero. You laughed, talked and teased eachother all night.


Being Deucalion's daughter was always hard and him being the 'demon wolf/alpha' was even harder. He constantly kept you locked up in your room whilst he had meetings with his pack and never let you go anywhere and didn't even let you talk to anyone, especially not boys. So it was a surprise when he got one of his pack members Aiden to look after you. You were annoyed with him at first because you didn't need a babysitter but after while of talking to Aiden and watching your favourite shows you slowly started to warm up to him. You decided to look past the fact that he was part of your father's pack and was basically a murderer and slowly you fell in love with him.

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