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I was still in my room, preparing for the long night of planning ahead when someone knocked on my door. I opened it to find no other than Denise Firewalt and I have to say I was pretty surprised at that moment, I didn't even know she knew where my room was.

The surprise look on my face must have been so glaring because she started looking uncomfortable and asked, "Did I catch you at a bad time? Because I can come back later if you want".

"No, you didn't", I quickly replied and tried very hard to wipe that 'How do you know where I live?' look off my face, "Please come in. I was just surprised, that's all". Although thinking about it now, I don't think inviting a girl that she and I aren't exactly friends into my room is a good idea, do you?

She entered and I saw her take in everything around. It took me a while to figure out that she was looking for a place to seat without causing any awkwardness between us.

"Please take a seat", I said, offering her the recliner. She did agree to sit but I don't think she felt very comfortable in it, guess the both of us didn't really think our plans through enough.

"So, what do you want to speak to me about?", I asked, trying as much as possible to get the moment over with very quickly.

"I'm sorry I wasn't around to tell you that I'm with you all the way, something important came up with the Dragon and I had to attend to it", she said.

"Thank you, I really appreciate that you're with me on this", I replied, getting up to go get the door for her but she stopped me with her hand.

"I also want to warn you that you shouldn't fully trust everybody, especially after your big revelation", she said which prompted a confused look from me.

"But they're all my friends", I said, still feeling confused.

"It's not your friends you need to worry about", she replied, "I'm sure they'll always be on your side till the end, it's those other guys. Some of them are just in this because you're the one who has enough power to match up to their enemy. After the war won't be all talk and you have to be prepared for anything".

I have to say her logic was pretty sound but it still didn't contain the apprehensive feeling in me, I know that everyone won't be as understanding as the guys but I didn't think they would go as far as starting another war, or would they? Well, we have to wait and see.

"Please don't be late in coming down", she said as she opened the door, she must have helped herself to it while I was still thinking, "Victor is already back and he has some news about your friend Brian". Yeah, my worries will have to wait, right now, there's an enemy that needs to be stopped urgently.

Victor was already going over the information he got when I finally got to the conference room but abruptly stopped as I entered, guess we all still need to work on our 'avoiding awkward situations' process.

"Are you okay?", asked Oliver with a really concerned face and I gave him a reassuring smile in return.

"Okay, back to the report", said Victor and I took the only available space between Cole and Kendra, "I have to say it took me a while to get anything on this guy, it was like the mages were trying to make him disappear from existence or something".

No surprise there, really. A man like him must have caused a lot of trouble and in addition to his archwizard nature, they would definitely want him to disappear.

"Tell us the useful facts about him", said Oliver, everyone knows that in fighting Brian, time is really essential.

"He was born in Wales and lived there until he had to migrate up north because of the worldwide massacre of the archwizards. It was said that he later returned with an army of outcasts to wage war against the council, almost succeeding too if not for the intervention of Arthur Storm".

That explains why he was locked in Sanctuary, Arthur Storm was the husband of Laila Firewalt, the woman who created Sanctuary and founded the magic school although now I think Arthur must have done it and it might have a lot to do with Brian, or at that time Trichloris.

"So, what are his weak points?", I asked.

"He doesn't have any", he replied, "Or at least the mages of then didn't know it. Arthur gave up his life just to conjure a binding spell that can hold him. This guy is brutal, full of vengeance and I think he has lost his humanity a long time back". Unfortunately, we can't just back down, the fate of the world rests on us.

"So, are you suggesting we just give up?", asked Denise, I'm very sure she's seeing the peril as much as I am. If her ancestor was the one responsible for stopping him the first time, then he would stop at nothing to make them pay if he was to gain control of everything.

"We won't need to", he replied, "That is, if Troy agrees to wield the power of the ancients".

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