Too Young

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"Come on", Chelsea whined.

"No Chels. No more alcohol, no more drugs." Bonnie argued as she sat down with her lunch tray.


"Pot is a drug." Bonnie stated.

"Are you sure?" Chelsea said, " I think it's considered an herb, like basil or parsley."

Bonnie rolled her eyes at her friend. " It will be just like last year, as soon as school is done we can spend the summer tanning on the beach and getting high, but we are Juniors this year, that means I have only two years to improve my grades so i can get into Princeton."

Bonnie watched as her friend spoke with a mouthful of pizza. "Okay seriously, you know they are gonna accept you. I'd apply there too but apparently they don't accept D students."

Bonnie smiled at her sarcastic remark. "Still, I don't want to take any chances."

Chelsea groaned, " ugh how are we friends? You are like the lamest stoner ever."

"I second that", Bonnie looked up to see Jason sliding down next to her.

"Ugh! Not you too." Bonnie groaned.

"No hear me out," Jason said. "Kevin is throwing the party of the century this Friday-"

"No let me just stop you right there," Bonnie interrupted.

"No let me stop you right there." Jason laughed as he shoved his palm in front of my face. "I get how important getting into Princeton is for you. So let this be the big one, the one you go out with a big bang with. Trust me after this party you will need the whole school year to recoup from it."

Jason sure held a strong argument. Bonnie held the gaze of her two friends. "Fine. This party better be epic."

Chelsea squealed is delight.

"Oh it will be." Jason smirked.

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