Chapter 52

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We pulled up to the movie theater and got out of the car. We walked in, and looked at the films.

"What do you want to see?" Jack asked. I sighed and kept looking.

"How about inside out?" I asked. He laughed but nodded.

"Two for inside out." He said. He payed the guy and we went to get popcorn.

"I call paying for this since you paid for my ticket." I called, running in front of him.

"No!" He said, running after me.

"One large popcorn, and two medium cokes." I said quickly. The lady nodded and started getting it.

Jack came by me, and tried to push me behind him. I struggled, but he kept me there.

"Thank you." Jack said after paying.

I grabbed the drinks and started walking. I heard him laugh, and run a bit to catch up with me.

"Theater 4 to the right." The movie guy said. I went to the right, and saw Jack follow.

"Come on, babe." Jack said. I forced my grin back, but sat in a seat in the back. There was nobody else here but us.

"Okay, fine." I said, grinning at my plan.

I leaned towards him and kissed him off guard. He was shocked at first, but came back.

I took the money from my hand, and sneakily put in his pocket.

"Are you really trying to sneak this in my pocket?" Jack asked, pulling back and holding the money up.

"You see.." I trailed off. Of course he caught me.

"Eve, it's fine. It's a date. I'm supposed to pay." He said.

"Either can pay actually." I said.

"But I did." He said, putting the money in my pocket.

"But I did." I said, mocking him with a face.

He just looked at me and smiled.


"I had a good night." I said, smiling at him.

"I did too." He said as we stood on my doorstep.

I put my arms around his neck and gave him a hug.

"I'd kiss you but I saw my Dad staring at us through the window." I whispered in his ear. He laughed but nodded.

"Okay. I love you." He said. I grinned.

"I love you too."


"Dad." I said the next morning. He looked at me.

"What's up, buttercup?" He asked, laughing at what he said.

"Ew Dad. No." I said, laughing at him.

"Sorry, love. But what's up?" Dad asked, looking at me.

"Let's all do something on this fine Saturday." I told him, he nodded.

"What would you like to do?" He asked. I thought for a second.

"Oh! Let's go to the London dungeon!" I said, happily. Dad looked at me weirdly.

"That place is scary." Dad said.

"You're just a chicken. And it's been like forever since you've been." I said, laughing a bit.

"And? Still scary." He said.

"Please?" I asked. He sighed.

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