All's fair in Love and Cheese

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The group spent the rest of the day in Marlene's lounge, before they relocated to Sirius' kitchen, where Mrs. Weasley had prepared dinner moments before. All was peaceful around the gloomy looking table. People were chatting with mirth, bellies were filled, and laughter echoed in the spacious kitchen. Needless to say, moments like that never lasted long. It was none other than Alice who broke the comfortable feeling within the room. She had forcefully shoved herself from her seat beside James, her chair making an ugly scraping sound as she pushed it away. "James Sirius Potter, I hope you have a long miserable life," Alice stated, unshed tears rimming her eyes. James looked frantic, horrified by what she told him, "Alice, love, listen! You misunderstood-" "No I understood quite well what you said! I thought for once you had grown up, Jamie! If you want us to split up so bad, fine!" "Love, plea-" "NO," she screamed, her eyes broken, as she fled from the room, stamping on his foot before she left. James went to go after her, but was held back by his brother. "Al, let me g-"


The sound echoed across the room as Lily walked away, back to her seat across from James. "Lily," James yelped, wounded as he looked into his sister's eyes. She was livid. "What Jamie? Want to hurt me too? How dare you do that to Ali! All she has ever done was be good to you while you two dated. Heck, she's been caring for you since we were kids. Don't speak to me again until you clear up this mess," she hissed at her brother, mockingly at first, who winced. "I didn't mean it that way! I never wanted to breakup with her! Lils plea-" This time it was Rose who cut him off, "Don't explain to us, Prat! Alice is the one you need to beg forgiveness from, yet I'm not sure she wants to speak to you." James opened his mouth to speak, but a glare from Dominique silenced him. Even Albus had long since left his side to join Scorpius. Finally, he turned to Frank with hopeful eyes, but it was no use. Frank was glaring at him in a way that James had never seen, and he figured it had to do with him upsetting Frank's older sister. Silently Frank pointed to the door, making sure that nobody else saw. Taking advantage of that deadly message, he sprinted from the room, ignoring the cries for him to stop. He had to find Alice, and explain.

James found her almost immediately, yet perhaps that had to do with the fact that he knew her so well. She was in Marlene's place, sitting by the window in the kitchen. He sighed as he saw her stiffen when he sat next to her. "What do you want from me, James. Wasn't hurting me enough for you," she sighed, not taking her eyes off the window. James lost his ability to breathe when he heard her voice, it sounded so broken. It made him want to cry with her. Slowly, he cautiously wiped away a tear falling down her cheek, but Alice jerked her head away and rubbed her face furiously to rid herself of tears. "Leave me alone, James," she whispered, looking down at her hands. "No, not until you let me finish! I don't want to stop seeing you! I was going to ask you something else," he exclaimed, successfully making her look at him. Her eyes looked blank, but he could see the pain he caused her in them. "Ask away, all mighty prat," she drawled, long since done with cooperating kindly. He smiled slightly, seeing some of her attitude he loved so much. "When I said that I didn't want us to date I was going to ask you another question. I've been talking to your Dad, and he's already gave me his consent. It's rather unlike me to do anything like this too, but I know that you-" "James, stop rambling." "Right! Anyway, I was going to ask if you would accept this," he said thrusting a box into her pale hands, so much lighter than his own. "Jame-" "Just open it alright," he begged, looking into the eyes he swore would kill him one day. Sighing she opened it. What she saw inside wasn't what she expected at all. "Are you serious," she laughed, smiling at him now. "Maybe," he said sheepishly. Giggling slightly, Alice pulled a piece of parchment out of the box along with a small squid necklace. Her eyes grew serious as soon as she started reading the parchment, and James grew very worried. What if she was still angry? What if she refused the- "James? Are you still with me," she asked softly, placing a hand in his. Snapping out of his daze her nodded, "Of course! Um give me a second." Alice watched, bemused as he fished for something in his pocket. "Aha! Found it," he said as he placed a small gold ring on her palm. "James-" "It's not a proposal, Ali. It's a promise ring, but it comes along with a request. I'm moving into my own flat when we graduate, and I was wondering if, well... Would you, um-" "James," Alice laughed, catching the the messy haired boy's attention. "Right, sorry. Alice Longbottom, would you do the honor of moving in with me, and accept my promise ring," he said quickly, flushing profusely. Alice laughed at his red face, liking how cute he was when he was nervous, "You are a dork, did you now that?" "Uh..." "Of course I accept! Who do you take me fo- Mmpffff!" Alice never got to finish her sentence, and I'm sure you know why. The moment it registered in James' mind that she had accepted, he kissed her with the most amount of emotions he had ever shown. However... "OW! Alice, what was that for," James whined, rubbing his sore arm. "For scaring me! Don't tell me things like that again. I thought you were breaking it off! You're lucky that I loved you enough to listen to your blubbering," Alice scolded, rather sassily too. James grinned, "Ah, there's that attitude! I missed it." Alice, rolling her eyes, whacked him. They stayed there for a few more minutes, making their promises and enjoying each others company, but they knew they couldn't stay there much longer. "Come on, we best go back before my brother kills you," she said before dragging him to number 12.

When they arrived back in Sirius' kitchen, everybody stared at them, not all were kindly sent towards James. "Well," Lily stated coldly, glaring at her brother. "I thought you weren't speaking to me? Never mind that, Alice and I came to an understanding. I explained what I had meant to say, and she punched me for being an idiot. Um, what else-" "Ignore him, I do. Anyway, we're back together," Alice interrupted, shoving her hand over her boyfriend's mouth. Instantly the tension decreased. "Good, I didn't want to be mad an him forever," Lily sighed, smiling at Alice, who grinned back. "Would anyone be willing to explain what the bloody hell just happened," Ron asked, ignoring his mother's disapproving look. "Um, well James was trying to ask me a question, but it came out rather wrong. I thought he was breaking it off, but really he was just being a twat as usual," Alice said fondly, leaning against James. Ron stared at her blankly, and James sighed. How clueless could Ron be? "I gave her a promise ring, and asked her to move in with me after we leave Hogwarts. I'm lucky she even listened long enough for me to ask her the question," James explained, ignoring his cousins' happy grins and smirks. "Frank, you can't tell Dad, I want to tell him," Alice grinned, making James scoot aways slightly. Sirius laughed, "You remind me of your grandfather." "How?" "Well, for starters, he had some girl problems himself," Sirius said, earning a rather large laugh from Alice when she saw James' pout, "And, he would never have expected this!" James shrieked, falling out of his seat as a plate of sliced cheese hit his face. "This means war," James bellowed, flinging a handful of cheeses at Sirius, only to miss and hit his sister. "Lily I-" he never got to finish, for Lily had shoved a handful of diced ham into his mouth. Needless to say, a full out food fight was the result.

Several hours later, all those that had participated in the fight were found scrubbing away at stains and solidified food. "That was worth it," Fred 2 grinned from besides his father and namesake. "Rose, why did you betray me like that," Scorpius asked, referring to Rose's switching of sides halfway through the fight. "Oh, my dear Mr. Malfoy, didn't you know, all is fair in love and-" "CHEESE," Louis interjected. However, what the boys didn't know was that during this conversation, Teddy and the girls had snuck off, leaving the remainder of the group to finish cleaning. "That's not fair," George whined, making the others grimace. "They don't care remember. Rose already said that," Harry said, leaning against the dining table. They all turned as Scorpius starred muttering, which may have been curses at his girlfriend. "Boys, I believe we have been tricked by the masters once more," Hugo said, raking scraps into a garbage bin. "That we have," Lorcan said, his twin, Lysander, nodding in agreement. "Does this mean war,"Fred 1 asked, his twin smiling along. The next generation boys glanced at each other, before coming to a rather reluctant decision. "We may regret this, but we're in! Oh, and Teddy is not to be trusted. He always sides with the girls. I think it has to do with him liking to brainstorm ideas with them," James warned, knowing full well the amount of ideas that had been made the last time he had sided with the girls. Sirius and Remus groaned, it seemed that the girls were more experienced in pranking and trickery that they had anticipated. Finally, Bill spoke up, "Shouldn't we tell them..." "Oh yeah!"

I'm so sorry if took so long to update! There was a bit of family drama going on, but I hope it will be resolved soon. Anyway, here is the new update, and I hope you enjoyed it! Bye my Lovelies!

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