Chapter 15

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"Okay so what you do is..." One of the strippers teaching me says. "Grab ahold of the top of the bar and hoist yourself up. Once you got a grip climb up."

I follow his advice and begin to do what he says. Once I got a sturdy enough hold; I then ask him what to do next...

"Okay now wrap your legs around the pole, but grip tightly."

I wrap my legs around it holding on for dear life. I glance up at all the other strippers practicing, and they're killing it. I look down at Tim and he's smiling to me.

"Okay, now when you come down; swing yourself around the pole slowly. Once you reach the middle open your legs but for dear God hold on to the pole." He laughs.

I roll my eyes and do as he demanded. It was safe to say I did a pleaseable job. Once I got to the bottom I landed on my legs.

"You got strength. I'll say that." He patted my shoulder and turn to where the DJ was setting up. "Staxx..." He called to the DJ.

"Wassup?" He called back.

"You doing the Bangerz Playlist tonight?" Tim asks Staxx I'm guessing which is the DJ's name.

"Yeah..." He responds.

"Alright. Play track 3 for me right quick. So newbie can practice." He turns to look at me. "We need to find you a name."

"You think so?" I ask as the music starts up.

"Yeah..." He nods. "I'm gonna walk off the stage. I want you to practice to this song and I'll critique you." He says, exiting off the stage.

The beat to the song starts and it was pretty mellow and smooth. I start to walk around the pole as a regular routine, and gear myself up.

Can I believe I got her all alone?
Can I believe the timing when this song.
Came onnnnn (No).

I drop down slowly on the pole looking back at Tim who was watching with anticipating eyes. I start to make one cheek jump dramatically.

Know how I feel but don't know what to say
(On the low)
Turn this up and let it play
Already played a few bout nothing
Then one or two about fucking

I jump back up and grab ahold of the sturdy pole. I hoist myself up as far as I could. I wrap my legs around once more and slowly slide down..

And then I played a couple I made
For you
On the low
Girl but I didn't say it was
all alone
while you were on your phone on your way

I open my legs wide and start to swing myself around on the pole while maintaining that grip...

Already getting play

Girl you don't have to say shit

Girl you know why I played this..

Girl is it the sexplaylist?

I finally dropped down into a full blown split. I didn't know I could do that... Well, I did but yeesh. I kept my eye contact with Tim and he had a poker face on. He looked back over at Staxx telling him to cut the music off. Once off, he looked back at me and broke into a smile. "That was good."

I was breathing heavy at this point. "Really?"

"Yes really." He laughed. "You gonna put some of these other hoes to shame."

I wiped the sweat from my forehead. That was a relief to hear.

"Just keep practicing and you'll do fine." He gives me the thumbs up.

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