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Hey my names Tak. I came from an actually wealthy family, but we will get to that later. I have many different names but I'm going to also get to that later as well. I travel from place to place, seeing the sights and getting to know people and things. I've been all over the world and know many things and people that owe me big time. I pretty much know almost everything although no one actually knows everything. I just sometimes ask too many questions about everything not almost, but of everything. If you haven't guessed I can run my mouth off to were it pretty much got first place at a marathon, or even been accused of being such a smart ass, know-it-all, book worm, or even dork/geek. I play dumb just to get some laughs from people even though I'm way smarter than I look. I love art, music, photography, sports, mechanical stuff, books, history, cooking, or pretty much anything active. I hate being board or just sitting still without something to do. I love to help out much to my ability. What I love most to do is DJ, sing, and dance.

Looks: ( its dave strider but, in a different color scheme (no body can make them pics )( or because nobody got time for that)

black short spikey hair (almost like Sora from kingdom hearts), blue highlights, right eye red and left eye blue, snow white skin, ears a bit pointy (I guess like a vampire but not as long or what ever), a pair of black shades, skinny, long white red sleeve (right) long blue sleeve (left) shirt with a cog/witch star symbol, black finger less gloves, black pants and black converse. I also wear a black spiked collar with chains connected to a silver pocket watch.

Gender: MALE

Grew up: Transylvania, before I moved/traveled

Race: Demon hybrid/other

(If no like, go look up other stories, please no haters now. This is my first ever fanfic here. I has horrible grammar here.)(lol if u get it.)

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