Adopted by the Akatsuki 5-inkblot test!

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okay, new rule, if i give the chapter a name its because i dedicated it to someone. this is dedicated to my best friend-Yoshi! or as he would say "doctoroctiporpsiesblarg!" (yes, he does say that) and thanks for the idea you physco porpsie!

the next day was really weird. i didn't actually expect to have a mental evaluation in front of the whole Akatsuki.

Hidan started on a physco rant about how i was 'insane' and how i had 'mental problems' and alll the crap like that.

Kabuto left and came back with a bunch of pictures and a projector. he placed the pictures on the thing and turned it on. the wacky black pictures showed up on the wall.

"why are those pictures so wacky?" i asked Kabuto, and then i had to point out how one of the pictures looked. "that one looks like a unicorn on crack!"

"I told you the bitch was insane!" Hidan yelled.

"Oh?' said Kabuto. "what do you see?"

"i see an inkblot,"  Hidan stated, sounding like he thought that was the obvious answer.

"Yes, we are all aware that it is an inkblot, but you're supposed to use your imagination."Kabuto explained the ink blot thing the Hidan the Stupid.

"I see the twin towers being bombed Un!" Deidera yelled.

"what do you see the inkblot as?" Kabuto asked Hidan again.

"Its an inkblot." Hidan said again.

"You have no imagination." Kabuto told him.

"That means he's crazy!" i screamed enthusiastically.

"No, but it could mean other thing." Kabuto said calmly.

"Did you have a traumatic past Hidan?" i said, my eyes as wide as the ocean, and i promise you i sounded like Kabuto when he'd inquired if i'd had a traumatic past in the Mist.

"You are not a physologist bitch." HIdan hissed at me.

"No, she is not, but that is usually the first question." Kabuto said.

"No, but he is!" i yell in triumph. and theni broke into song. "Hidan is crazy, Hidan is crazy, Hidan is crazy..." i danced aroung the table singing that until Hidan lunged at me.


"I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!" Hidan roared.



"HIDAN IS DELUISONAL!" cool! i'm  a doctor now!

at some point Kakuzu stopped Hidan from attacking me a second time, and i fell down laughing because it was really funny to be a doctor.

"So, did i get my medical degree?" i asked Kabuto.

i didn't hear his answer becuaes i had a giggling fit. after i was done giggling i asked him the same question again.

Kabuto looked at me, one of his eyebrows went up, as if he was wondering if i was sane or not.

i flashed him my most innocent smile, trying to portray the perfectly sane little kid that i was.

Kabuto held my gaze for a few seconds and then rolled his eyes and went back to his food.

after breakfast i danced over to my room-i was a ballerina who was high of giggles-and i got a weird look from Kisame when i entered the room.

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