chapter 2

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The day had come. It was time for me to start my first day at a new school. I spent the morning puking my guts out and shaking with nerves. My social anxiety was horrible, and I wasn't sure how I would make it through the day. I managed to get myself together and walked downstairs to find my mom smiling cheerfully at the kitchen table. "Are you excited? I made you some breakfast if you want it." She said before sipping some orange juice. "I really don't think I can eat, mom. But thank you anyway." I said, forcing a smile. The school was just down the road, and I decided to walk so that I could get some fresh air before feeling claustrophobic all day. I was humming to myself and kicking pebbles as I walked when I suddenly heard some voices. "Don't be late, fucker. We got a big gig this weekend." I heard a guy say when I looked up. "Hey, nice shirt!" A really tall guy with dark hair said, pointing to me. My face turned red with embarrassment. I looked down at my Mudhoney shirt, moving my messy brown hair out of the way. "Uh, thanks." I smiled, looking back up at the guy who was almost out of sight, turning a corner. He parted ways with another guy, much shorter than him. He had long, shaggy blonde hair and a rather scrawny figure. He was walking my way down the sidewalk and I glanced at his face. He seemed pretty cute from a glance but I didn't wanna stare. For some reason my heart accelerated when he looked at me and slightly smirked as he passed by. This wasn't like me, I didn't know what it was about him that was making me blush. I decided to just forget about it, and it wasn't very hard for me to focus on something else when I realized I had made it to school. I took a deep breath and walked through the door of what I knew would be hell as I knew it. The halls were filled with the same type of people. I didn't fit in anywhere. They all seemed to be rednecks and chicks that cried over broken nails. I sighed and went to the bathroom. It was empty, thank god. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and my anxiety increased. I looked like shit. I was really pale and my large green eyes had circles forming around them. I sighed and turned to head to my first class. I had a really bad habit of looking at the ground when I walked and that would soon change because I accidentally bumped into someone in the hall. "Oh my god, i'm so sorry." I mumbled as my face turned red. "Its cool! Nice shirt!" The guy said as I looked up. He had stringy brown hair and looked to be pretty friendly. "I'm Chad." He said holding his hand out. "Hi, I'm Skye." I shook his hand, trying to smile the best I could. "You new here? I surely woulda seen you around by now, especially because of your shirt." He smiled. "Yeah, its my first day. I just moved here." I replied. "Cool, well listen, my band is having a show this weekend, you should come. That way you can make some friends. Cuz you won't find any here at school. Promise." He winked sarcastically. I laughed. "Thanks. I'm gonna be late for class though. I'll try to make it this weekend for sure. " I smiled and he handed me a flyer. "Ted Ed Fred" Was in big letters with the time and date underneath. I couldn't help but laugh a little at the name. I made it through my first class, then second, then third and so on. And before I knew it, my first day was officially over. I managed to make it through without speaking to anyone, which was relieving. On the way home, I decided to stop by the bridge for awhile. I was drawing in my sketchbook when I heard the sound of feet walking through the grass. I looked up to see the blonde boy from earlier approaching. 'Oh God.' I thought to myself as my heart rate went up. "I'll just, uh. Come back another time." He mumbled. "No. I mean. I'm so sorry, I didn't know this was your spot. I was just about to head home." I said as I frantically gathered my things. He smirked. "No, stay. Sorry to disturb you." He mumbled before walking away. His voice was so perfect in the weirdest way. I couldn't concentrate on my drawings anymore, so I went home. My mom was still at work and I was honestly sorta glad. Not that I didn't love my mom, she was just a bit too fake happy and I knew she would question me about my day at school, which was something I wasn't in the mood to talk about at the moment. I made myself a sandwich after realizing I hadn't ate all day and went up to my room. I apparently made it home just in time because as I looked out the window it started to pour rain. I put on a record and layed down on my bed, grabbing the flyer from my bag. I suddenly realized the handwriting at the bottom looked very familiar. I grabbed the mysterious pack of cigarettes and sure enough, perfect match. 'This isn't getting weird at all.' I thought to myself as I sighed. Obviously, I would definitely be going to the show this weekend.

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