53. Break Out The Curling Irons!

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"You're in love with Justin?" 

"Yes." I said surprised at my own words. 

"When did this happen?"

 "Almost dying in that elevator made me realize a lot. Even though I was furious with him after what I thought I walked in on. I still wanted him to be okay. I didn't want his claustrophobia to get the best of him." I smiled. "I just wanted him to be okay, even though I had an anxiety attack and could barely breathe. I wanted to make sure he didn't freak out as well." I looked at my hands.

"Aren't you claustrophobic?" 

"Yes." I chuckled. 

"When are you going to tell him you love him?" 

"Soon." I assured. 

"You okay?" She asked. 

"I'm a little scared." 


"What if he doesn't feel the same?" 

"It's still good if he knows. He may feel the same." Sammie patted my back. "Let's get out of here." She stood up. 

"And go where?" 

"To get some ice cream and chill."

Once we got our ice cream, we went back to my room to think of ways to break the news to Justin. I opened my door and my attention was instantly grabbed by this beautiful red dress on my bed.

There was a note by the beautiful garment. It read:

"We are way past due for a wonderful, memorable night together. I want you to put on this dress and come downstairs at 7. I have a car waiting for you. I'll see you soon babe.


"Aww, that's so cute, Ri!" Sammie jumped up and down. 

"He's so sweet." I pouted. "What time is it?" I turned around and the clock said 

"5:51 pm" 

"AHHHHH!" I ran into the bathroom. Sammie ran after me. "No! I have to take a shower. Go go go!" I hopped in the shower. I was so excited for my date. Me and Justin rarely... ever go on dates so tonight I'm anxious, nervous, and excited.

This is going to be the best time to tell him I love him. This is also going to be awkward. What if he doesn't feel the same? This is going to drive me crazy, until I just let it out.

I got out the shower and put a robe on.

 "Sammie, come here. Plug up the curling irons! Get out the makeup up! Come on!" I heard her feet racing across the wooden floors.

"I'm coming." 

She came into the bathroom with her arms full of everything we needed. She plugged them all up. 

"We should do your makeup while everything is heating up." She shook the liquid foundation. I sat on the counter and she got started right away. 

"Not too much! I don't want to go overboard and look caky!" I stopped her. 

"Ok. I got you. Just relax." She got the brushes ready. I closed my eyes. "How are you going to tell him?" Sammie said while applying my makeup. 

"I just need to come out and tell him. I want him to know, but I don't want to scare him away." I sighed.

"It will be fine. He is going to appreciate your honesty. He may feel the same way." 

"It wasn't too long ago since he was in another relationship and had strong feelings for her. I don't think he would fall for me so soon." I moved my hair.

"First of all, that was more than 6 months ago and look at how you fell for him. It's possible for him to fall for you just as quick. Stop with these doubts. Happy thoughts only." Sammie giggled. "I'm going to get started on your hair. We have 30 minutes. Plenty of time." She blew on the curling iron. She started by parting it on the side and swooping it over. She sprayed heat protectant and began to curl.

"I want loose, bouncy curls." I said. 


I grabbed my phone and went through my text. There was one from my baby. "I can't wait to see you. ;)"  

I wiggled my feet. "I'm so nervous!" I squealed. "Hurry up! I wanna see what I look like." I rushed. 

"Girl, shut up and relax. I'll be done in a sec." Sammie snapped. I sighed. I looked at the clock. 

"We have 15 minutessss!" I screamed.

"I will burn you if you don't calm down." Sammie laughed. My heart was racing. I exhaled slowly. "I'm done." She announced and I jump off the counter and faced the mirror.

"OMG. I look GOOD!" I turned my face from side to side. 

"You looked great before." She said.

 "Thanks, Sam Bam." I hugged her and ran to get dressed. "Sammie! Zip me up!" I called. Sammie came out of the bathroom to assist me. 

"You look HOT!" She complimented. I smoothed out my dress and ran to the bathroom to see. I wanted to cry. I felt beautiful and loved. "He got you shoes too! You have to see them!" Sammie yelled.

I walked out of the bathroom. Sammie revealed the sparkling silver, diamond heels. 

"Whoa." My eye widened. I sat on the bed and slipped them on. "They're gorgeous." I smiled. 

"You're gorgeous." Sammie smiled.

"Thank you." I felt tears in my eyes. 

"You better not cry and ruin my hard work!" She ordered. I went back to the bathroom to blot my tears. "It's time to go Ri." I took one, last, deep breath and prepared myself for a big night.

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