Chapter Eight: Moving In

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It's the week before the first semester. You're busy helping Tadashi move into his new lab. As you unpack a box of Tadashi's textbooks, he walks in carrying another tall box. He staggers underneath the weight.

"Sweetie, would you like some help?" you ask.

"No," he answers breathlessly. "I've got it." The tip of his shoe hits another box. He bends forward, the box slipping out of his grasp. "Oops!" You lunge forward and help him support the box. Tadashi's new SFIT hat is knocked off in his struggles. He looks down at you and smiles. "Thanks. We can just set it down here. I'm afraid we'll break something." He gently sets it down. You smirk and reach over the box to steal his hat. Tadashi reaches for it at the same time you do, but you're quicker. You place it on top of your head.

Tadashi chuckles. "Cute," he comments, adjusting the hat. "Remind me to get you one of those when you're accepted into this school."

"Oh, I will. I really like this."

"So do I," he says, leaning forward to catch your lips in a kiss. He pulls away and nods his head toward the door. "Come on, we have more boxes in the truck." He takes your hand and leads you out of the building. New students are moving into their own labs, too.

Once you're back from your trip to Aunt Cass's green pick-up truck, you have two smaller boxes in your arms. Tadashi holds a medium box. It's obvious that he can't see well. "'Dashi, please be careful."

"Relax. I've got this." You bite your lip. You turn the corner first, and Tadashi after. When you turn the corner, a tall girl with long hair runs into Tadashi. He staggers back.

"I'm sorry!" he exclaims. He sets the box down and looks at you. "Are you okay?" You nod. He then looks at the girl. "I'm very sorry. I didn't look-"

"Don't worry about it!" She assures him. "It's my fault. I'm the one that's in a hurry. I have to get going. I hope to see you soon!" She runs off without introducing herself. You watch in amazement. She's wearing huge heels.

"Well she was excited," you comment. Tadashi laughs. You smile at him. "Now you have to let me help you."

Tadashi smiles, takes the hat off of your head, and picks up the box. "I've got it," he says. You narrow your eyes at him. "Come on, ___. If we hurry, we'll have enough time to go out for ice cream."

"Sounds good to me," you say. "Come on, nerd!"

When everything is unpacked and organized, you walk to the circular window. The blue sky is clear, the pink cherry blossoms are in bloom. "It's so pretty," you say. "Tadashi, I'm pretty sure you have the best lab on campus."

Tadashi walks up to the window and looks at the buildings that are far away. "It is nice, isn't it?"

You sigh. "How am I ever supposed to go here?"

"What do you mean?"

"I just don't think I have what it takes," you say.

"___, you definitely have what it takes," Tadashi assures you. He wraps an arm around your waist and kisses your forehead. "You know, I heard Robert Callaghan is doing rounds and meeting all of the robotics students."

"No way," you say. Tadashi nods. "No way! Really?"

Suddenly, there's a knock on the wall. You turn your head and see a tall man with grey hair. You recognize him immediately. Robert Callghan. The man that you and Tadashi both spent years admiring. "Hello. I wanted to formally introduce myself here. I'm Robert Callaghan, your professor."

Tadashi walks over to him. You follow. "Hello, Professor Callaghan," he greets. "I'm Tadashi Hamada."

"I remember your tech at the showcase. You are quite the inventor." He smiles and looks over at you. "And you are?"

You blink. "___."

"Are you a student?" he asks, his eyebrows pulling together.

"Oh, no," you say.

"She's my girlfriend," Tadashi explains. "She doesn't go here. Yet."

"Yet?" Callaghan asks.

"I've been a big fan for a long, long time, Professor," you say. "It's my dream to go here."

"Then I look forward to seeing what you can do," he says. He nods at Tadashi. "And I will see you in class, Mr. Hamada." He steps out of the lab. When the door slides closed, you look up at your boyfriend.

"I can't believe that we actually met the Robert Callaghan," you say.

"I know," Tadashi breathes. "This is insane. Everything actually feels real right now." He takes your hand. "Soon enough I'll be graduating."

You think back to that page in the journal.

Step one: get accepted into SFIT

Step two: graduate and become the most brilliant inventor, ever!

"You'll graduate soon enough," you say. "But for now, we can settle for just ice cream."

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