Another Band Mate Likes You ( His POV ) by zarrybeans

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Preference: Another band mate likes you (His POV)

AN: So I read someone else’s pref with the same idea and I really liked it, but I in no way intended for this to be a “copy” or anything like that. I just liked the topic. Anywho, enjoy.

Zayn:I watched Y/N and Liam play together on the PS3, Y/N completely dominating Liam, when I suddenly felt this surge of jealousy. She was basically perfect. She knew how to dress up and look amazing when going out, and at the same time was cool with chilling at home, in sweats, playing video games. Either way, she knew how to have a good time and be herself. Liam is seriously a lucky guy. I guess I was staring cause Louis came over and patted me on the back, “Like what ya see, mate?” “Huh? What..what do you mean?” “What I mean is, I know you like her Zayn. It’s ok, I won’t say anything, but just keep in mind that they really do love each other.” I looked down to my feet before speaking again, “I’m just gonna go out for a walk. I’ll be back in a bit.” I parted from Louis’ arm on my shoulder and made my way towards the door. I know they love each other and I would never dream of coming between two people I care most for, but I just can’t shake this feeling off. I gotta get over this or else bad things are gonna happen to good people.

Niall: Sometimes I just feel like ripping my hair out. Why can’t I get over this..this stupid crush. A crush, that’s all it is..I think. A crush that is actually crushing me. I could just walk up to her right now and tell her how I feel, but that would mean hurting Louis, one of my best buds. And there they were, sitting together on the couch, throwing food into each other’s mouths to see who could catch the most at a time. Her laugh is so angelic. “What’s with the pout and gloomy eyes, man?” Liam asked as soon as he sat down next to me. “Aaahh, I see.” He met my gaze over to Y/N with realization in his tone. “You gotta let it go, Niall. They’re happy and in love together. You’ll find your perfect girl soon enough.” I sighed deeply before turning to Liam, “I think I already found her.” He gave me a look of pity before slightly nodding his head. I honestly don’t know what to do.

Harry: I know I’m technically the one who put them together, but seeing my best girl friend and best mate together made me jealous because when I couldn’t have her made me want her more. I walked into the tour bus to see her sound asleep, her head resting on Niall’s lap and my heart sank a bit. “Hey, Harry, can you pass me one of those blankets? I think she’s cold.” He whispered, pointing toward a chair piled with blankets and pillows so I grabbed my favourite one. “Yeah she’s just naturally always cold at night. That’s why she sleeps in layers, even during the summer.” That was something I’ve always known about her, ever since we were kids and she made me give her my hoodie when camping during the hottest month of the year. “Oh, I always wondered about that.” I was just about to leave when Niall called my name stopping me in my tracks. “Harry, I just wanted to say thanks. I really think she could be the one.” “That’s great, man. Just take care of her, okay?” I pulled a small smile and exited the bus feeling completely drained. I have to swear to myself that I won’t ruin Niall and Y/N’s happiness.

Liam: I had another dream about Y/N last night and the entire time I thought it was reality until to much disappointment, I woke up. I don’t know why I can’t get over her no matter how hard I try. She’s with Harry and they’re in love and there’s nothing I can do about that. The hardest part are moments like right now, watching them walk hand in hand and being all coupley. I wanna be the one who is kissing her head every so often, not Harry. I wanna whisper compliments in her ear causing her cheeks to change colour. I wanna be the cause of that cute toothy smile that she rarely shows because of the way her eyes scrunch up. I can’t help but feel sick to my stomach knowing that I’m lying to my best friend about loving the girl of his dreams. It’s not fair to either of them. I There’s no way I’m going to come in between them though. No way am I going to be that guy. I can still love her from a distance though, right?

Louis: Zayn has never looked so happy and healthy. He even quit smoking because of her. So you can shoot me right now if I ever said I’m going to do something involving their breakup just because I’m head over heels in love with Y/N. She has this effect on people like it’s basically impossible to not love her or do anything bad to her because the way she is when she’s sad is desperately heart breaking. The whole band was having dinner together and I could tell Y/N and Zayn were playing footsies under the table by the way she would look up every now and then and scrunch up her nose before sticking her tongue out at him. Why can’t that be me? “Snap out of it, man. You’re getting obvious,” Harry whispered to me, breaking my trance. He caught on a while ago about my crush cause I guess I’m not that great at hiding my feelings. “Oh, right. Sometimes I forget that I’m not the only one in the room with her.” I continued my meal sneaking a few glances here and there while internally sighing.

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