Confused 2

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It's been one week since Justin broke up with me, I wish I could just forget about him but lucky me I have school so I can see his face EVERY FUCKING DAY. I always thought that Justin just broke up with me not because like he said "I was ashamed of him" I just think that he just wanted to get rid of me so he took this opportunity. Walking down the halls of the school, well I have detention, why, just because I didn't showed up at my history class because Justin and I had the same class. I walked and opened the door to sit at the back of the class. I could feel someone looking at me, I just shrugged that though.

"No phone and I don't want to hear any sound, I'll come back in 5 minutes, I have to make a call." The teacher said, with that said I could hear someone siting next to me. I turned my head to see, Justin. He looked at me, we just look at each other eyes and nobody was talking, he then look down.

"H..hi." He said to me.

"Hey, Justin, how are you?"

"I'm okay, I have been better and you?" He said still looking down.

"Always fine." I said and sight.

"I missed you." He said finally looking at me.

"I know, I made a big mistake by breaking up with you, but now I'm a mess, I miss you, I miss your touch, your smile, your lips on mine, I miss everything about you. I..I was just so scared that you were ashamed of me and.." I cut him.

"Justin, I'm not ashamed of you, it's just that my dad is very strict and he doesn't want me to have a boyfriend so I didn't wanted to tell him, but I love you with all my heart Justin." He started leaning and kiss me on the lips, damn I missed those lips. We moved our lips in sync, he put his hands on my waist to put me closer.

"Hey no kissing in class, back off you two!!" Ugh can't she just go back.

"Babe will you be mine again?" Justin asked me with his smiles that can save someone life's.


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