Chapter 4 ⭐️

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Chapter 4 VS
♥Skyler P. O. V. ♥

Josh was sitting on the first floor while I decided to descended to ground floor. Suddenly I heard Josh shout,

"Hey Sky! Please don't be mad at me. Plus I should be the one to be mad on you. Why are all ladies like that? "

As I know Josh, he was looking at the sky and shouting this. Obviously people were looking at him as he was an entertainment. A good entertainment free with food. Seeing my surroundings I started to smile and walked out of the room. I saw my love Tea, wagging her tail and playing with Seth.

"Seth what are you doing'' I asked looking down at my little Tea.

''Oh, Tea was bored and kept on trying to bite my shoes. So I just started playing with her'' Seth said calmly as if it was nothing. Though I thought it was a nice thing to do.

''Oh ok , but you can give her to me. I'm going to walk her'' I said. Even though I didn't want it to sounded rude. And in my head I was slapping myself.

''Um ok sure'' Seth mumbled. He then walks out with a hurt expression.

Of course he walks out hurt what did I expect? Him walking out with a smile of joy? Of course not Skyler. I was going to go after him but as I do walk out I see him talking to those guys I met yesterday, so I just kept on walking to the elevator deciding it's best to leave it as it is. I push a button and then some guy and Seth walk in before it closed.

''Hey, are you that girl that was singing? '' he asked me while he was smiling. As he smiled I couldn't help but smile at how cute his dimples are.

''Yeah that's is me. The girl who sang on that stage. Then when she was done she tried to kill Josh Greg the famous singer'' I said it to myself to pretend to be mad about it but I'm going to say it happy voice or if you like to call it 'sarcastically'.

''Well, um, ok but have you ever thought of singing? My dad owns a record producing company, do you want me to set up a meeting?''

''No thanks I already have my dad trying to get me to sing for his. If I say yes to you then he is going to think I hate him or something'' I said with a half smile covering my face.

''Oh so what company does your dad own'' he said as Seth, he and I got out of the elevator.

''He owns Today- Music -101'' I said and smile.

''Really! Wait is your name Skyler? '' He askef while returninga smile

''Yeah, that is me. Why? '' I nodded. I then gave him a confused look. I hope he not a stalker , sine only my biggest or crazy fans know my first name they all think my name is Millie which it is but my middle name. It is my secret double life you know, like one, normal Sky then super model Millie.

''Skyler it's me, Danny. '' He said it with a smirk.

i thought that I had heard this name before. Then it struck me.

''Oh my dear fudge! It's you! " I said. Then I hugged him. I see the people at the hotel lobby looking at me weirdly.

" Go away people. God don't you know it is rude to stare at people. '' I said to the people standing in the lobby.

"So where you been? I haven't seen you since when I was twelve and my mom put me in singing classes with you. You said that you were bored. " I said and look at his green emerald eyes and rolled my eyes since he was so annoying as a kid.

"My dad sent me to live with my mom and he stayed at L.A so that's why I'm here at Chicago, but I'm moving back in two days with my dad so I can start school" he said and smiled.

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