Chapter Six

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"You think Snape would take it offensively if I asked him what shampoo he used?" Tonks asked as she walked along side Anora.

"Think? Tonks he'd lock you up in the dungeons for all eternity if you dared to ask him that."

"It's not like it's an insult, I'm just rather curious. I bet you it's the same kind Professor Dumbledore uses for his beard."

"You're crazy Tonks. Out of all the things to discuss your one main concern is what shampoo our Professors use?"


Anora shrugged. "I'd actually ask Hagrid what he uses to get that volume."

The two girls laughed as they entered the the DADA classroom.

"Ah hello girls." Professor Winifred greeted them as soon as they walked in.

"Hello Professor." Anora returned as Tonks waved.

"You two have a good summer?"

"Always." Anora answered.

Tonks shrugged. "Nothing to dance about but it was alright."

"And where is your third counterpart?" Professor Winifred asked.

"Bed." The two girls answered.

"I should have known."

"Actually, I was at breakfast thank you very much." Charlie said with a yawn as he walked in stretching his arms out.

"Surprise, surprise!" the professor said before greeting other students.

"You actually got up on your own?" Anora asked Charlie as she sat down next to him.

"No, I could hear Fred and George snickering so rather than find out if I was their next victim I got dressed and went to the Great Hall. And got this!"

He abruptly pulled out a muffin and placed it in her face. She gently moved his hand away.

"That's lovely Charlie. What kind is it?"

Oh the boy and his muffins. Charlie Weasley had an obsession with muffins, all kinds. It was his favorite thing to eat in the morning and if he could get away with it, he'd probably eat them for every meal.

"It's banana nut."

"Your favorite."

"No, chocolate chip is my favorite."

"I thought it was blueberry." Tonks interjected.

Charlie furrowed his brow. "I have a lot of favorites, okay?"

"Alright, alright, simmer down Muffin Man." Tonks said.

"That's Mr. Muffin Man to you."

"Captain Muffin." Anora mused. "Put that on your quidditch robes."

"Don't you dare!"

"Alright, class, settle down." Professor Winifred's voice called out over the chit chatter that echoed in the room. "We're going to start off this year with..."

Anora was only half listening as she doodled on her parchment paper with her quill. She liked Professor Winifred's class, but sometimes the old woman could be so boring during her lectures. If she wasn't excited about the topic she would talk in a low monotone voice that sometimes....most of the time put the class to sleep.

She found herself drawing a small dragon in the corner of her parchment where she should have been taking notes.

"What do you have there?" Charlie whispered to her.

"It's a Norwegian Ridgeback." she told him.

"Looks more like a Hungarian Horntail if you ask me."

"Well I wasn't." she quipped.

"Here let me see that." he took her quill from her hand and began to fix the dragon. "You got to fix the ridges or it's a Horntail."

"Give me that. I think it would look better like this."

"Now it doesn't look like either of them."

"Maybe it was a hybrid of the two."

"You said it was a Nor-"

"I know what I said!"

The two were whispering back and forth when they realized how quiet the classroom had become.

"It's awfully quiet in here." Anora pointed out.

"I was just about to say that."

"Will you two gits look up?"Tonks said.

The two lifted their heads to see Professor Winifred standing before their table with a stern expression as she tapped her foot.

"What is so terrible important that you two felt the need to the disturb the class?" she asked them.

Anora lifted up the parchment. "We drew a dragon, Professor." she said with a sheepish grin.

"Tada." Charlie added flatly.

"Tada!" Tonks mocked Charlie as they left the classroom after the lesson was over.

"Shut up Tonks."

"We drew a dragon!"

"Okay Tonks we get it." Anora smirked.

"Ah that made my whole year." Tonks said walking ahead.

"I still say it was a horntail." Charlie said.

"It was a RIDGEBACK!"

After dinner that evening, Anora was writing a quick letter to her parents at their request when Charlie plopped down next to her with a grin.

"Why are you smiling like that?" she questioned not glancing up from her writing.

"Because I have an idea." he said rocking back and forth.

She set her quill down.

"That involves?"

"You and I."

She smirked.

"Does it also involve a certain forbidden place?"


"You think we can sneak out this late?" she asked him.

"We've done it a hundred times before, I'm sure we can. So...want to go?"

"Of course, you don't have to ask me twice." she said jumping up. 'Let me grab a jumper and we'll go."


He waited patiently by the portrait of the Fat Lady who was eyeing him carefully.

"How are you this evening?" he said awkwardly.

She didn't answer as Anora returned. "Let's go."

Charlie led the way through the castle corridors, the two of them tiptoeing quietly to make sure they weren't caught by Mrs. Norris and her master, Filch.

Finally, Charlie hopped down from one of the open walls and helped Anora down.

"You know I was thinking something." she said as they made their way to Hagrid's hut that evening.

"And what's that?"

"You scold your brothers for acting up, but look at you. You're just as bad as them."

"Me?! What about you?"

"I don't have to set an example for them. Only child remember?"

"Well, this may come as a suprise to you, but they see you as a sibling, so it puts you in the same position as me."

"Oh." she said." We're poor role models, aren't we?"

"We could be worse."

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