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By the time Oliver and I returned to the conference room, everyone was looking so grim I feared for a moment they already knew about the secret I still don't know what to do about.

"What happened?", asked Victoria as she eyed the both of us worriedly, "You guys took a long time in the study and now that you're here, you don't look good".

I first heaved a sigh of relief, for a moment there I thought I was going to have a lot of explanation to give. "It's nothing to worry yourself about", I replied, giving her my best reassuring smile, "Oliver and I just had some kinks to iron out".

"Then, you wouldn't mind if I dropped in, would you?", said someone out of nowhere and we all turned to see Trichloris appear out of thin air- That guy has really got a lot of nerves, don't you think?

Immediately he was spotted, about ten men attacked him but no sooner had they taken three steps that he sent a wave of grey light to hit and send them flying in different directions.

"Pathetic lots", he said to the futilely struggling men on the wall before turning to face the remaining of us. "We can either do this as gentlemen or savages, your choice", he said.

"Think about what you're doing", said Victor, "If you start a fight in here, I promise that you won't end it alive".

Trichloris laughed that really throaty weird laughter of his. "You really think you can handle me? You definitely have no idea what I'm capable of".

"What do you want?", asked Oliver while trying to restrain Victor from lunging at Trichloris' throat at any second. I have to say I'm not really convinced that he can handle Trichloris. Sure, he's a powerful mage and all but Trichloris is, well, Trichloris- That always spells doom for any man, I tell you.

"I'm here for Troy", he replied, sauntering round the room as if he owns the goddamned world, that guy really doesn't know when to pull a plug on things, "I asked him a question and now, I'm here for an answer".

"I'm here, Brian", I replied before Oliver could go all protective Daddy on me, "And I have your answer too".

"Perfect", he said with a smile, "So, what is it?"

"Not going to happen", I replied much to his surprise, "We may be of the same kind and I may be making the biggest mistake of my life but I will never be on the side of such a man as yourself".

"Troy, think about-".

"There's nothing to think about", I cut in sharply, "You asked me to make a decision and I have. Now the next time we meet Brian, there will be no discussion".

He looked as if he wanted to conjure up some despicable madness but the warning glare from me and the others made him think twice, he might be powerful but we are not to be trifled with either. "You will regret this, Troy Sanders. This, I promise you", he said before vanishing in a wisp of purple smoke.

"Okay, can someone please explain what the hell just happened here?", asked Victoria after we all seemed to snap out of our mental paralysis.

"I just told the man that probably has the highest magic potential to go to hell", I replied, and believe me when I say that I don't believe for a second that there won't be grave consequences.

"Can someone please tell me that this is just some cruel joke?", said Mom after Oliver had explained everything to everyone.

I don't know what kind of reaction I was expecting from the others but I definitely wasn't expecting them to stare at me as if they're just seeing me clearly for the first time, though technically they are.

"So, that's why Trichloris- I mean Brian is so hellbent on getting you to his side", said Kendra, her voice was so devoid of the usual happiness in them it felt like we were talking about death.

"Yes", I replied although I don't think she meant that as a question, "And also the reason why Abigail did everything to get me to come to Firewalt and also killed two of my friends to help that along. Actually, everything that happened to me was because of my archwizard nature".

"Tell something though", said Stan all of a sudden, he had been so quiet that it took me a while to actually register his presence, "Knowing the truth about how your 'kind' was brutally massacred, why did you still say no to his offer?"

I had been expecting that question but now that someone had the guts to ask it, I found out that I don't even have the slightest clue to the answer. "I don't know", I replied as I crashed heavily into a chair, "I guess all that I could think about at that moment was not agreeing to join forces with the man who had caused a lot of trouble for the people I care about".

"So, what do you want to do now?", asked grandpa Blake.

"I don't know too", I replied, "But if there's something I do know, it's that Brian would make sure I regret every single word I said today".

"I won't let anything happen to you", said Victoria determinedly as she walked up to me and held my hands.

"But I'm an archwizard", I said, why does she seem to be forgetting that fact so quickly?

"So what?", she replied, "You've being an archwizard since the day you were born. Believe me, if there was evil in you, it would have shown itself by now. Anyone who's thinking different of you because they found out you're a special kind of wizard doesn't deserve your loyalty. I will stand by you till the end and I promise to destroy anyone who thinks about hurting you". She gave the others a stern look to show that she meant every word.

"I'm with her", said Kendra as she joined Vic next to me.

"Count me in", said Dwayne. One by one, the defenders all came to my side, well, all except Stan.

"What about you brother?", I asked, I don't know why but somehow his answer seemed to matter the most to me at that very moment.

"You need to ask?", he said with a smile, "You know I love saving your butts". Good, the defenders are all on my side but what about the adults?

"What about you guys?", Cole asked them.

"We are not children", replied David, "We don't need to say it to mean it". I'm glad they were all on board but that is only the first step in the long journey ahead.

"But now, you have to tell us what to do about the other archwizards", said Victor.

"They're not the problem", I replied, "I'm very sure they are as confused as I first was and Brian is using that to his own advantage. If you can help me stop him, I'm sure we can all work things out amicably".

Everyone was happy with the plan; Stop Trichloris, save the archwizards. Better watch out Trichloris, or Brian, whatever you are 'cause the defenders are coming for you and this time they have their very own archwizard, me.

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