Foreign Affairs Chapter 24

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When I opened my eyes, I was at the beach. I sat up straight, bewildered, and looked around. The forest was behind me, the beach in front of me. There was no one but me. My hands instantly touched the side of my stomach, and felt no pain. The wound was gone. So were my armor. I was dressed in a simple maroon dress that had an empire waist.

“Am I…dead?” I asked out loud.

“No, Ava, you are not dead.” Aslan said, behind me. I gasp and relaxed when it was him.

“Then what am I?” I asked when he appeared by my side.

“You are asleep.” He replied.

“Asleep.” I said.

“You have fought a lot. Your body is asleep, repairing itself. I am proud of you, Ava. For what you’ve done, sacrificing yourself to kill the White Witch.” Aslan said, with a smile. I sat down in the sand as Aslan sat too. My hand found his mane and I stroke it, feeling the softness of it.

“Then…how long am I asleep?” I asked, looking out at the beach. The waves rolled and crashed the shore, some of the water even touched my toes before it retreated back into the water.

“Until you are ready to wake up. But I must warn you, when you wake up, you will feel a searing pain through your body from your wound. But you must bare it, and it will cease.” Replied Aslan.

I went silent, thinking it through. “And what of the White Witch?” I asked. He chuckled lightly.

“Do not be concern, Ava. She is dead.” Satisfied, I look at the beach, listening as the waves crashed and rolled.

“I’ve never been to a beach.” I said.

“The water’s cool. You could try it out.” Aslan suggested. When I looked at him, he only nodded his head towards the water. I stood up and went in the water, ankle deep, feeling the water enveloped around and pulled back.

“Is it…safe?” I asked. He nodded again. I walked deeper until I was above the knee. It was cool. I almost forgot how the water and sand felt below my feet. It’s been years since I haven’t touched water. My feet came upon something sharp and I bent down, using my hands to grab whatever it was. Bringing it up to the surface, it was a bright red seashell.

“Aslan,” I called, turning around. “What am I doing here? Other than resting my body?” I came back to Aslan when he started to walk. I followed, turning the seashell over and over in my hand.

“Did you remember what you said where you would go if you died? Back in your world?” He asked and we were near the big rocks.

“I said that if I died, I wanted to go to a place that is similar to heaven. Not too bright, not too white, almost like a beach-” I stopped when realization hit me. I turned around all 360 degrees. This was my heaven! The beach. The forest to run around. Even the rocks were here.

“But how-” I was lost for words. I massaged the bridge of my nose. This was overwhelming. “I think I wanna wake up now.” I said looking at Aslan.

“Are you sure? You could have anything you wanted here. You even said you can conjure up anything out of thin air.” I held out my hand and imagined food. A plate of spaghetti appeared on my hands. I closed my eyes and concentrated harder. Opening it back up, it was birds. I threw them up in the air and watched them fly away.

“This is my heaven,” I spoke. “But I want to share it with someone. It seems…lonely.”

“But this is your heaven. You can make it to whatever you want it to be.” Said Aslan.

“I know,” I said giving him a knowing smile. “I just want to wake up. I don’t think it’s my time yet, Aslan.”

“Alright, child. It will be done.” I closed my eyes, ready for what’s coming for me. I felt a jolt of pain from my side stomach first and then the front. I clutched both, gasping in pain and reopened my eyes. Aslan was gone. I let out a scream as I felt my body being held down and unable to move.

“Ava, please we’re helping you!” I heard muffled voices. I then felt a searing pain throughout my body and I let out another scream, thrashing around.

“Ava, I’m here.” Caspian said, cradling my face.

“Please make it stop.” I whimpered.

“I know,” He whispered. “Be strong.” I listened and fought against the pain until it subsided. When it was gone I let my body relaxed and breathe again.

“Are you okay?” I spoke to Caspian when everyone left the aid room.

He nodded, “Only a little. But you, you put quite a scare on a lot of us.”

“What happened after?” I asked.

“You lost a lot of blood, Ava. From both wounds but they are both bonded and treated with herbs so the blood had stopped flowing.” He paused for a while. “You scared me, Ava. I thought I lost you this time.” I managed to wrap my arms around his neck.

“I met Aslan.”

“You did?” He asked.

“In my heaven.”

“In your what?” He asked, confused.

“I went to my heaven when my body was resting. It had a beach, forest, rocks and anything you can imagine it’ll appear. I wasn’t ready for it just yet.”

“You sure aren’t.” He held me close, resting his chin on my head.

“Did we win?”

“Yes,” He replied. “They surrendered.”

“What happen to the guns?” I asked.

“We ran out of bullets so we used it to hit.” I let out a chuckle but my stomach disagreed and I stopped, clutching it.

“I’ll let you rest.” Caspian said. I leaned back into the pillow, looking at the ceiling. My hands felt something hard poking through my pocket and I fumbled in there. I pulled out the dagger and Diamond of Isis.

Beautiful to look at but dangerous if gotten into the wrong hands. I placed the necklace on the floor and used the dagger, plunging it into the diamond as it broke into three pieces. I picked up the pieces and carefully walk outside, seeing the kitchen, I tossed it into the roaring oven.

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