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My phone buzzed on my bathroom counter as I wrapped a towel around my body after I stepped out of the shower. I grabbed the black device from the marble and saw that my friend Reagan had texted the group text message made up of our entire group of friends.
Reagan 7:44pm: let's go out!
Annie 7:44pm: girl you're crazy!
Reagan 7:45pm: to bury our summer. come on!
Colby 7:45pm: I'm in.
I debated my options and decided that I could use a few drinks.
Me 7:45pm: me too.
Chelsea 7:47pm: thank god! yes please.
Reagan 7:50pm: come to my house and we can all get ready here.
Mallory 7:50pm: I'll bring my party clothes.
Me 7:51pm: you mean your slut clothes lol
Mallory 7:52pm: true.
Annie 7:53pm: give me time to get out!
Me 7:55pm: ha I knew you couldn't resist.
Reagan 8:00pm: Kat? Em? Kota? Anne?
Anne 8:05pm: I can't. I haven't finished my summer reading. Ugh!!!!!!!
Dakota 8:05pm: I can come. Be there soon.
After getting comfortable clothes on, I quickly blow dried my hair and grabbed my makeup bag, my red heels, my school bag for tomorrow, and all my other necessities before stuffing them in a separate bag.
"Going to Dakota's?" My mom asked.
"No, everyone's going to Reagan's." I said.
"Okay. Love you." She said as she rose from the couch and came toward me to give me a hug.
I kissed her cheek and said "Love you."
"Be safe." She added.
I opened the front door and said "Always am."
I grabbed my keys and closed the door behind me and walked to my maroon Toyota Camry. I threw my bags in the passenger seat and started the car to make the 15 minutes drive to Reagan's house.
Her house is the most fun to stay at, simply because they have a back house which is where we always sleep whenever we spend the night. I parked my car behind Dakota's blue Chevy Cruze and next to Mallory's new silver BMW. I was only the third girl here, so we still had plenty of time to sort through Mallory's clubbing clothes and pick who wore what. First come, first serve.
"Did you bring your red heels?" Dakota came out of the house to greet me. I walked around to my passenger seat and grabbed my backpack and other bag.
"Of course I did." I said.
"Good, because Mallory got this new white dress that would look so so good with your heels." Dakota gushed.
"She said I could wear it?" I asked.
Dakota nodded.
I walked inside the back house and walked up to Reagan's room with Dakota next to me talking about her boyfriend, Ryan. She gushes about him every chance she gets. I however, am the most single one in our group. Well Annie is single, but she has a fuckbuddy, some sophomore girl named Kaylee from our school.
Slowly but surely, the girls showed up and got dressed. Everytime we go out, we always switch clothes around since we're all relatively the same sizes. Me, Chelsea, and Mallory have the larger hips and butts, but Dakota, Colby, and Annie have huge boobs.
Mallory let me wear her new tight white dress that had a loose low cut neck and a very strappy back. The other girls had to help me put it on, because I kept getting caught in all of the back straps.
"Holy shit." Mallory said as she zipped up the dress.
"What?" I asked turning toward the center of the room.
"It looks perfect. Lipstick and heels." She pointed at me to add to it.
"Duh." I smiled. I finished looking at my outfit in the mirror and walked back over to my pile of belongings before searching for my tube of red lipstick. I applied the ruby red lipstick and then slipped my red heels on my feet. There was so much laughing and trash talking among the group of girls as we got dressed that by the time we were actually ready to leave, it was nearly 10:30pm.
We stepped foot in the club at exactly 11pm. Fake IDs in hand, we walked right up to the bar and ordered our first round of drinks. I was downing drink after drink because some men were buying us drinks. 4 down, I grabbed Annie's hand and dragged her out to the dance floor. We danced along to the fast-paced song and let the alcohol absorb into our systems. I was surprisingly tipsy. I usually take longer to feel anything, but it was coming fast.
I felt another pair of hands on me, so I turned to see who it was. I laid eyes on a stunning blonde woman with warm chocolate brown eyes. I found my lips curling into a smile as I examined her features.
How'd she know I was into girls? I guess grinding on Annie was a pretty good giveaway.
I put my hands on her hips as we fell into a rhythm of dance.
"Wanna get out of here?" She asked.
The hottest woman is trying to take me home. I know I'm not one to decline such an offer, so I nodded.
Annie had found a few people to dance with, but I stopped by Dakota and Reagan to tell them that I was going to be back later. They gave me smirks as I walked away. I smiled and grabbed the woman's extended hand before she led me out to a cab. She stated her address and I noted that she lived on the same street as Reagan did. Perfect, going home will be easy.
When we eased into the cab, I practically pounced on her. I started roughly kissing her and then felt her start to turn toward me so she could climb on top of me. I put my hands on her thighs and kept kissing her. I felt her moan into the kiss before she pressed her hips down into my lap.
Before it got too heated, the cab stopped and the woman climbed off of me and pulled me out of the cab by my hand. I tugged on the end of the dress so I could pull it back into place.
"Those red heels make your legs look so good." She smiled while checking me out.
"Just like that dress makes your ass look amazing." I flirted back.
She smirked before she pulled me toward an apartment building. In the elevator, I couldn't keep my hands off of her. She walked me backwards to her apartment and used her key to unlock the door behind me. Before opening the door, she pressed me to the door and kissed me deeply. I was the one to moan this time.
"What's your name?" She asked.
"Alaina, why?" I asked.
"I'm Emily and I don't like bringing anybody in unless I know their name." She smiled before opening the door behind me, holding me to her.
I smiled and then reconnected our lips. She pushed me back so she could close her door and lock it.
She led me to her bedroom and the fun began
She ended up collapsing on top of me after we both came undone for the final time. I held her naked body to me in a weak grip, because I was still on my high.
She propped herself up on one elbow, still laying on me, and left light kisses on my chest.
"That was the best sex I've had in a while." She smiled.
"I'm experienced for my age." I smirked.
"How old are you?" She asked.
"Twenty-one." I said.
"You're lying." She sighed.
"I'm eighteen." I confessed.
"So you have a fake?" She asked.
"Caught me." I sighed.
She leaned down and kissed my lips. I savored the feeling of her smooth, plump lips on mine, because I knew this was a one time thing.
"So Emily, what do you do?" I asked.
"Teach high school math." She answered.
"I'm a high school senior." I said.
"Well if you ever need a tutor, you know where to find me." She smiled as she fell to my side.
I turned toward her and admired her beauty.
"What?" She asked with a cute smile playing her lips.
"Just looking." I shrugged.
She covered her face and leaned her head forward on my chest.
"Tonight was fun." I finally said.
"It was, but you have to leave huh?" She asked.
"Unfortunately. First day of senior year." I pouted.
"Good luck." She said before we both got out of the bed.
"Thank you. You too with you know teaching." I mentally slapped myself to how stupid I must've sound.
She threw on a large t-shirt and I had to completely redress myself in the dress and heels.
I looked in the full length mirror and noticed that my lipstain was still very much on my lips. I fluffed my hair around and finally followed her back out to her front door.
"Thanks for coming." She said.
"Who could deny someone as beautiful as you?" I asked.
She rolled her eyes playfully and smiled.
"Goodbye, Alaina." She said.
"Lainey." I said.
"Huh?" She asked.
"Everyone calls me Lainey." I explained.
"Well, goodbye Lainey." She tested.
"Goodbye, Emily." I smiled.
She stood on her tip-toes and leaned forward so she could give me one final kiss.
Even though I don't hookup with the same girl twice, she is one I wouldn't mind running into again.

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