Who on the bus

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When they got on the bus they see this girl with a blue T shirt and real booty short and Aaliyah thought she was a fan and she say

???: hey babe

Prince: babe what u doing here

Aaliyah: wtf babe ( lookin at the boys) really guy and u knew too

???: hi I'm Brittany and u must be Aaliyah

The boys rubbin the back of there necks

Boys: we forgot

Aaliyah: y'all forgot really whatever I have to go get ready y'all need to and miss (talking to the Brittany) u need to get off the bus

Brittany: why he's my boyfriend

Aaliyah: does it look like I care u need to get off this bus before I help u get off this bus trust I might 2inches shorter then u but I will help u if u want me to

Brittany: fine (she got up and got off the bus) bye babe ( gave prince a kiss)

(Aaliyah has green hair but it dark green so yea its looks good on her)

After that Aaliyah got off the bus and went to the girls bus to get dress and the boy was talking


Ray: wow u really mess up bro

Prince: ik and I really like Aaliyah but I don't want to break Brittany's hear

Prod: but u broke Aaliyah's heart

Roc: yea u said u really like her and u know she really like to

Prince: she do OMG I mess up bad

( they r finishing getting dress)



I'm sitting outside and I see Diggy and I don't really want to say then he walking towards me an he say

Diggy: hey baby

Liyah: I'm not yo baby

Diggy: man whatever ik u still want it tho

Liyah: not really and really don't want it after u raped me (about to cry)

Diggy: look I'm soo sorry i didn't know what got into me plz forgive me (wiped her tears away)

Liyah: yea I forgive u

Diggy: and ik those kids are mine

Liyah: (face in shock) how did u know

Diggy: trust and believe they look like me

Liyah: ok yes they r but r u ready to be a father tho

Diggy: um no but I was thinking we can get back together

Liyah: how bout no

Diggy: um ok but I have to go ttyl

Liyah: kk bye

Diggy: u still say kk lol (laughing and walking away)


It look like Diggy misses Aaliyah

And @LadyThugKeKe143 u r Brittany

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