Chapter 34: "Riders on the Storm"

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"Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger."

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring


12 Hours Ago

Above Olympus

"I'm flying, oh my God, I'm flying!" Meg squealed, her lithe form twisting and whipping through the upper atmosphere. She still marveled at her ability to repel gravity and race through the air.

Soaring at the head of the assault force, high above the mountain city of the Hellenic Gods, all Meg had to do was turn her head slightly and she could see it behind her. The rift between dimensions hung in midair, shimmered and pulsated while disgorging the combined host of higher beings and Hetran warriors tasked to guard her. Then, looking at the assembled Olympian host below, she added with a hiss, "Fuck me, there are a lot of them down there."

Keep your eyes on the tower, the voice of Prometheus spoke in Meg's head. The Titan's soft and comforting voice filled her with warmth and security, banishing her apprehension in the blink of an eye. This is all about you, Megan; everyone else is here to make sure you can do your job. We're only going to get one shot at this.

"Right," she replied with a laugh, "now just tell me again how this is all going to be a walk in the park."

No one ever promised us easy but it will be interesting. The Titan answered back from his position on the command barge, which was just now emerging from the rift. Today, my young friend, is the day you steal the lightning!

"Megan," Athena, riding at the head of the assault force behind her, called through her radio. "The forces of my father have identified us and are engaging. We will hold them in place while you accomplish your task."

"Understood, Athena," Meg replied, her voice going cold and icy chills filling the pit of her stomach. It was go time and everything was riding on her, she'd never been more terrified or excited in her life.

"God's speed, little sister," the elder goddess answered before the sounds of armed combat filled the air, cutting off communications.

Meg kept her eyes locked on the high white tower dominating the city's skyline. Below her, warriors were dying to buy her time and she wasn't going to let their sacrifice be in vain. He was inside that phallic edifice of power as opposed to leading the defense of his realm.

Zeus knew who the real threat was.


Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge, Asgard

The Black Needles, newly rearmed by the smiths and engineers of Jotunheim, followed their new king in the lead of the assault force. In mass, they emerged through the rift and onto the mythical rainbow bridge. Flanking them, the host of Jotunheim followed with their king and crown princess at the forefront. Walter, King of the Black Needles, and Hasani, Crowned Princess of Jotunheim, charged side by side with weapons drawn. High above them all, the God of Thunder flew in support.

One figure, although surrounded by countless allies, moved alone.

"I would have preferred to go with Meg," Tammy hissed. She was riding in the mental passenger car as Astrild assumed control of their shared body once more. Tammy had agreed to the current power sharing arrangement. It would have been nearly impossible for the crippled goddess to impose her will on Tammy without consent, but she was far from pleased with it.

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