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The moment they touched, Luke felt the electricity. This didn't surprise him, and he knew Lexi had felt it too. She was literally a conduit for sexual energy, a side effect of excellent ancestry. Unfortunately, not everyone was susceptible to Luke's charms, and as soon as he had Lexi relaxing on the couch, Z's fat head was in Luke's face.

"What's going on here? Why does Lexi look flushed?"

"I'm fine, Uncle Z," Lexi said as she tried to wave him away. "It's been a long day and fatigue is setting in, that's all."

Lexi's face did look flushed, which Luke took responsibility for, but he suspected she also felt annoyed by the fathead hovering at her shoulder. For her part, Lexi had no trouble holding Z's gaze as he tried to impose his will upon her. Luke already knew the two had a close relationship, but he suspected Lexi might have taken a more submissive stance if she knew Z's true identity.

The mood in the room had become charged, and the guests neglected their own conversations to investigate the scene on the couch. Lexi's brother, Dion, had snuck in behind Luke, assuming a crossed-arm stance, yet his expression remained apprehensive. Surely, Dion was in on the farce, so he knew Luke was not who he pretended to be.

Taking the opportunity to impose his own will over the situation, Luke walked to the center of the room and gestured for attention. "Greetings, honored guests. On behalf of our hosts, the Maxwells, I want to extend thanks to everyone who made the trip to this luxurious home to take in the breathtaking views and share a little happiness with the young lady you see before you."

Luke swept his arm toward Lexi, and she waved from the couch, looking somewhat thunderstruck. He grinned, letting her know he had noticed. "It is an honor and a privilege to share this momentous event with you, Lexi. Stepping out of adolescence and into womanhood only happens once in a girl's lifetime, and I am sure I speak for everyone here when I wish you a long and prosperous womanhood."

Lexi's face bloomed until it matched her red skirt, and she stood to accept the applause that filled the room. When her eyes found his, she smiled shyly. Luke knew Lexi had accepted accolades before, but he suspected she was feeling more than gratitude at the moment. No doubt, she was experiencing the sweet rush of infatuation, and as he savored it with her, Luke also enjoyed watching Z's face turn purple with fury. 

The show was just beginning.

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