Chase is coming home?

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"So what's her best run?" Vin asks the handsome stranger, his dark eyes dart to my brother, his lips open to answer the question but is cut off by a loud booming voice

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"So what's her best run?" Vin asks the handsome stranger, his dark eyes dart to my brother, his lips open to answer the question but is cut off by a loud booming voice. "Yo Jeremy!" 

At the call of Jer's name, everyone turns to the source of interruption. A guy, much smaller than my brothers, is stalking our way. His pinched face is tomato red, nostrils flaring, and tight fits at his side all indicating that he's not happy. Our group becomes alert, my brothers stand to their full height. Vin is well over six foot, Vance and Vaughn aren't much smaller. The three of them are very intimidating, add in our missing brother Vic, and they are down right scary. 

My brothers move towards Jeremy, standing at his back, a clear sign. Jeremy gently pushes Taylor behind him, and she glances at me, her brows furrowed together in worry. It wouldn't be the first time a fight broke out over someone being a sore loser. You get these cocky assholes who think they're the shit, that their car is the fastest, best car around. Losing is a major slap to one's ego.

"What's up, Chris? You got my money?" Jeremy asks, cutting right to the point, not caring that this guy is pissed. Chris, as Jeremy called him, stops a few feet away from the group. Chris's nose flares, but instead of going off like I thought, he releases a breath, "Yeah, I got your money." Chris's hand moves to his back pocket, slapping a wad of cash into Jeremy's waiting palm. "Fucking bullshit man!" Chris's head shakes back and forth, "What the fuck you runnin'?" 

The whole group seems to relax, my brothers take a step back, and spread out as they launch into a friendly discussion on Jeremy's car. I feel my own body release the tension, I didn't even realize how rigid my posture had become. Taylor moves to my side, "Let's go get something to drink, I'm parched."

"Okay." I agree. 

She pats my arm, "Let me go tell Jer quick." she leaves me and I watch her walk away, cutting through the group to Jeremy, who wraps his lean arms around her waist. His focus is still on the group talking until Taylor's lips move, her voice reaching his ears, pulling his attention away from the conversation. His face tilts down, his focus now on Taylor. She says something again, and a grin breaks upon his lips  before leaning in to place a kiss on her mouth. It's disgusting sweet. 

A sense of longing fills me, yearning for what they have. I'm envious. I want that. Their love for each other is beautiful. I want someone to look at me like that. I want to be someones world. I'm near 18, and I haven't had one serious relationship. I sigh loudly, feelings lonely and sad. 

My eyes seek out the bane of my existence, three of the four anyways. If I don't let them know I'm leaving, I'll never hear the end of it. Sometimes I feel like I have five fathers, rather than four brothers and one father. My brothers are scattered around, Vance's arm is around some girl while he talks with Chris and some other guys that have gathered. The owner of the Skyline isn't anywhere, and the hood of the car is now closed. Vaughn is further down, with a girl pressed up against his car, and I cringe at the disgusting view. Vin is closest to me, talking with a group of riders, his arms crossed over his chest.

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