Chapter 12: Where You Stand

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Your P.O.V.:
Your eyes fluttered open as your senses returned to you slowly. There was the sound of quick footsteps, but they weren't your own.
In fact, you weren't even standing on your own two feet.
Your eyes fully opened to see the swept back style of blonde lockes on Yukine's head, and the sound of his heavy breathing filling your ears.
"Y-yukine..?" You weakly called his name. He appeared to be giving you a piggy-back ride, and it seemed as if you were trying to get away from something or someone.
"You're awake? Please don't tell me you're gonna try and kill me again," Yukine laughed nervously, to which you felt a sharp sting in your chest.
"What do you mean I tried to.. kill you?" You asked him hesitantly.
Whatever happened before you woke up, you had no memory of.
Hell, you didn't even know why he was running.
Yukine slowed down a bit, and turned his head slightly to look at you.
"You don't remember anything that happened?" He questioned you, his auburn hues searching for a sign within your facial features.
You shook your head, as Yukine's hands tightened around your ankles.
"What did I do..?" Your eyebrows creased anxiously.
"It wasn't you, it was Medusa." He gestured to the marking that shone above your right breast.
That was a shinki name. And it wasn't (Y/n). It was something else. It was darkness, it was vile.. it was your worst nightmare.
Your breathing hitched, as your eyes began stinging with tears.
"How did.. What..?" You whispered, questioning everything you'd previously done.
How could I have let this happen?
You twisted around in Yukine's grasp, as he tried to prevent the two of you from falling over.
"Yukine.. get it off. Take it off, I want it off now!" You screamed, kicking and writhing in his hold.
"(Y/n), calm down!" Yukine attempted to conscole you.
"Please, please get it off! I don't want it there!" You started scratching away at the marking, as the tears burned your skin.
Yukine placed you on the ground, as he slowly wrapped his arms around you.
"Shh, (Y/n) its okay... I'm right here with you.."
With the sound of those words, you immediately stopped thrashing around, calming within your very spot.
You'd heard that choice of words before. They were like the antidote to the posion of your own anxiety.
He continued to comfort you as you sunk to the ground on your knees.
You leaned your head on his, and whimpered.
"I..didn't mean to hurt you.. I just.. I'm sorry.." You tried to keep yourself together but you were already a sniffling mess.
"It wasn't you. I don't blame you at all, (Y/n). I'm just glad you're back to normal." He explained, rubbing your back.
"Besides, we've got other things to worry about."
You looked at him nervously.
"Like what..?"
"Medusa is going after our families next. Or more specifically Miyu and (S/n)."
Your heart seized at those words, and you squeezed Yukine's hand tightly.
You could never stop yourself from asking the same questions every time it came to Medusa.
She knew everything about you, from your fears to your hobbies, and you barely knew anything about her besides the fact that she wanted to get rid of you, Yukine, and Yato.
"So where is she now?" You asked curiously.
"After we uh.. took care of you, she disappeared after saying she was going to take me on over Miyu. She's hiding in the shadows again.."
You looked down, watching your own shadowed figure.
"We'd better get back, then. Knowing Medusa, she'll find us soon."
Yukine nodded, as he stood up with care.
"Are you okay to walk?" He asked you in concern.
"Yeah.. I think I should be fine." You replied, taking his hand as he pulled you up. And with that, you were off to Kofuku's.

You and Yukine stumbled inside at about 12:30 am, alerting Daikoku immediately.
"What are you little brats doing coming back so late? And why didn't you come back with that beat-up,so-called god of yours?"
He questioned the two of you.
"Lets just say Medusa made us stay out a little later than usual."
Yukine explained before heading upstairs as you followed.
Daikoku was going to object to
your actions, but decided against it due to the fact that you had already just gotten done with Medusa.
Yato was probably in the room next to yours, but you decided to let him rest as you wanted to rest yourself.
You collapsed on your bed in a heap, not bothering to change into your pajamas.
Yukine immediately walked over to his own resting quarters, but you'd known that you wouldn't get through this night without a few nightmares.
"..Yukine..?" You called him, as he was slipping his shoes off.
"Yeah..?" He responded.
"Can you.. maybe.. sleep in my bed..? I just think I'll have nightmares and-"
Within seconds of your request, Yukine was at your side, pulling the blankets over the two of you.
His fingers laced into yours as you closed your eyes.
"You know, Yukine.. I noticed something." You said in your calm state.
"You're not afraid of the dark anymore.." you mentioned matter-of-factly.
"Well that's because that's what you became. Though you scared me, I wasn't gonna let something like that stop me from.. well.. loving you. I just.. I couldn't force myself to crack under Medusa's spell when the spell was you. So I embraced the fear. I.. embraced you." Yukine's words were careful, and thought out. Almost as if he read them from a script.
You opened your eyes to look at him, but he didn't even notice. His sunset gaze was focused on the ceiling, and there was a light dusting of pink upon his cheeks. His fingertips just barely grazed your thigh as you held hands inbetween the two of you.
It was cold, but you felt warmth radiate off of him, and his patterned breaths that slightly shifted the bed.
You couldn't believe how much you loved him, how much you never wanted to leave him, despite what you put him through. And in this moment, you wanted to stare at him forever, look upon his beautiful features and think about what a great person he was.
You turned into him, lying your head on his chest.
You listened to the steady beating of his heart and the incessant shifting of his body due to the fact that he was nervous you were laying on him.
"I don't ever want to leave this moment." You whispered, as your eyes fluttered closed. Though you wanted to leave some wretched memories behind, such as Suzuha's death and Yato being shot, you wished that you wouldn't have to leave this moment.
"I don't ever want to leave you," you added as exauhstion pulled you into its clutches. You were on the brink, when his hand simply draped over your shoulder and he said, "No matter what, I'll never let you go, (Y/n)."

Awe such a cute lil ending. Btw, sorry guys, I know I'm a little late. My fault for being upset about the latest Noragami episode. Also, 4 K reads!! I'm so proud you guys! I thought that if I started a sequel to ~Angels Can't Die~, most of my readers would disregard or not like it, but you guys make this story so much more than that. And for that, I'm happy to stay with you guys until the very last word of this story. Its grown on me, and it'll be hard to end this series (NOT THAT ITS ENDING ANYTIME SOON) but it has been a very long journey and we're only halfway there. So keep sticiking with me for the rest of the way!
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