Because my gut feeling was telling me that he was being sincere. This wasn't some charade he was putting on in order to later make fun of me or use it to his advantage in some way. I was very certain that Max would never have let me leave with his father if he even for a second thought I was in danger.

I shook my head slowly in response to his assumption. I really hadn't allowed myself to properly grieve my mother. I had even welcomed the distractions to avoid feeling that pain.

The distractions had been plentiful. The research on the internet to figure out who within the small town of Roswell was alien, the arguments with Max about the connection, the midnight conversations. I had even almost welcomed the complications concerning Sean. That's how much I had wanted to avoid thinking and feeling. Because I was afraid that once I broke, I wouldn't be able to pick myself up again.

Which, in my current threatened situation, would have made me as vulnerable as a baby.

"I presume that Max has told you about her death," Mr. Evans asked, a tad of caution in his voice.

I sniffled, my whole body turning cold, and my voice betrayed the coldness as I whispered, "She did not die in that fire. She was killed."

I looked over at him and caught his nod while he took a deep breath. "That's correct."

I swallowed and decided to take a risk. Maybe this was my chance to get some answers. Answers that Max had avoided to provide me with. "Why?"

There was a natural and very human hesitation on his face before he supplied slowly, "She was going crazy."

My heart stopped and I almost scowled at him as I defensively bit out, "What?"

Of course my mother hadn't been going crazy! There had been nothing pointing to that. That was ridiculous.

The heat of my anger was quickly drying the tears on my cheeks, making my whole body tense.

"She had plans," Mr. Evans continued and for some reason I felt chills run down my spine. "The Sergeant had witnessed those plans the last three or four times he had connected with her."

The panic was creeping back into my body as I stared at him, afraid to blink. My breath was halted in my chest as I whispered, "What plans?"

Mr. Evans seemed to hesitate, before he looked straight at me, honesty displayed in his eyes. "She was going to kill herself."

I opened my mouth to protest, but he cut me off. "But not before she had killed your father and you."

The world froze, the nightly sounds from outside and the hushed conversations from inside the house seeping through the door left ajar, muted. My pulse was throbbing in my head as my whole body got freezing cold.

My body was experiencing shock. A shock so pronounced that I failed to hear Max's call for my attention through the bond and failed to feel his panicked concern.

I pressed my back into the wall, pushing myself to my feet, felt the ground sway underneath my feet, as I pointed at him in confused anger.

"No," I breathed.

His lips were moving, his arms were raised in front of him, like he wanted to give me a hug, to offer comfort.

But I couldn't hear his words over the roaring sound of blood in my ears, and I stumbled backwards to avoid his touch.

My mother hadn't been insane. Couldn't have been. This was some kind of excuse they had come up with. An excuse to kill off my mom. Making it sound like they had saved my dad and me from my own mother.

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