Chapter 26- What Goes Around Comes Around

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Sweet Tooth Ice Cream Parlor
New York City

Three Days Later...



“Thanks for letting me come to your date with Eros, Psyche.” I told her as I sipped my milkshake. We were in the new ice cream parlor in town. I’ve wanted to try it out since it opened but Achilles hated ice cream. And besides, he was always busy nowadays.

“You practically begged me.” Psyche said with a roll of her eyes. I chuckled and ate more of the chips.

“Sorry. I have wanted to try this place out for a really long time now. And well... You told me you were going here with Eros. I just had to tag along. I promise I won’t gag when you two make out. By the way, does Eros know I’m here?”

“Nope.” Psyche answered. She reached for my chips and grabbed a bunch. I swatted her hand away and we both laughed.

“Are you in big trouble if he finds out?” I asked.

“Nope. He’ll understand. He knows you’re my best friend. And I really have been neglecting you. I know I’ve been spending a lot of time with Eros lately...”

“Awww... If that’s an apology, I definitely forgive you.” I replied and then reached for her set of potato chips this time. She also swatted my hand away while she gave me an evil glare.

And then she sighed.

“So how are you holding up?” she asked me.

“Me? I’m alright.” I replied quickly.

“I mean about Thanatos and Larissa. It’s been three days and you always seemed distracted.” Psyche said worriedly.

“I’m fine, Psyche. I didn’t want Thanatos then. Why should the arrival of Larissa change all that? In fact, I am happy for him.” I lied. I got so good at lying I actually even believed my own lie for a while.

“You’re lying.” Psyche said flatly.

“I am not.” I retorted.

Psyche sighed heavily. “Aurea. You have been my friend since forever. I know when you’re lying. You can’t meet my eyes and you scrunch your nose.”

Horrified, I touched my nose. “I do not!”

“Yes, you do. So come on, tell me all about it.” She prodded.

“Fine. When I saw them together three days ago, I admit that a part of me felt something like hurt. I don’t even understand why. I am not like those hypocrite girls who want a handful of guys trailing after her even after she picks a boyfriend. I am not like that. I know I rejected Thanatos but I do not have control over what I feel. And it makes me feel really, really bad.” I groaned.

“I understand... But didn’t I tell you before that someday all of this is going to bite you back? Now you’re feeling what Thanatos felt when you rejected him. Not pretty, isn’t it?”

“Please don’t.” I moaned.

“Nope. You have got to hear this Aurea. Thanatos spent one month getting drunk. Eros and I did everything for him. We made him come with us on dates but he just sat in a corner, stared at the wall and drank his booze. It wasn’t pretty. He even wanted to be chained again. He can’t let his emotions out, Aurea. All his pain is bottled up inside him. When you rejected him his world crashed and burned... But Larissa’s arrival gave him hope. The hope he should have found in you.” Psyche lectured.

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