George Shelley dirty imagine for Bayli_Rosie41893

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This is a DIRTY imagine so if your not into that kinda stuff don't read... :) xx 

(and also sorry if its crap i find it a bit awks to write haha)


George is your boyfriend and you haven't seen him in a month because he's been shooting the carry you video and going around to different radio stations around the UK in his band union j but today he's coming home and you can't wait George texted you earlier saying he'd see you at  7:00pm but it was now 9:00pm and you were getting annoyed and slightly worried then you get a text from George saying

"hey babe sorry gone out with the boys i'll be back later x"

anger builds up inside he's been with the boys for a whole month and he cares about them more than you  you go upstairs and into your room 

---------------------2 hours later---------

your woken up when you feel two fingers in your crotch making you moan as you wake up "hey baby i missed you" George whisper seductively in your ear you ignore him "your not still mad at me are ya?" george says you nod then george puts anoth finger into your crotch and swirls them round hitting your g-spot making you moan and you can't take it anymore you roll on top of george straddling him "george stop teasing" you moan "i knew you couldn't stay mad at me" george says hitting your g-dpot again "Georgee i'm gonna...i'm..i'm" you moan "not yet" george whispers pulling his fingers out and licking them "mm you taste good" george mumbles then he flips you over andtake his shirt off as you fumble with the button on his jeans you pull them down as george stands up andtakes them off he's wearing grey boxers and you can see his buldge growing "like what you see?" george says winking as you take of your top and leggins then george lays you down kissing and biting your neck giving you a love bit he kisses over your breasts and down your stomach then he reaches you knickers and he pulls them down and throws them behind them then he unclasps your bra slowly "george just take it off!" you say he takes ot off and throws it then he kissses your breast then stands up and goes to the bathroom "where you going!?" you say "to get a condom we don't want any mini me's running round the house" george says laughing he comes back with the condom and with out a warning he slams right into you "ahhh george yes right there" you moan as he thrusts slowly in and out "faster george" you moan he does what you say and goes faster "ahh you feel so good" george moans thrusting into you deeper as he hits your g-spot "yes george!" you yell as you feel a knot in your stomach "do it" george moans you both reach your climax as you (ya know aha) feel each other george pulls out of you "i missed you i'm sorry for being late" george says pouting "its okay" you saying as he presses his lips to yours....

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