1. Somewhere in the World

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Chapter #1

Somewhere in Pakistan....

"Hell...this is hell"

"kahan phass gaya Hussain!" he smacked his fist over the cold iron rod as he rested his forehead there, shutting his eyes sighing deep in frustration.

"Socha tha bara admi banoon ga, un sitaron ko muthi mein qaid karoon ga jin ko gintey gintey najaney kitni ratein guzari di in aankhon ne...."

"And here I am landed into this jahannum....sab meri ghalti hea"

"I wish Shehry was here...only he can save my ass from whipping off this time."

"Per us Saley ko to fursat he nai apney bhai k liye." he jerked his head a little disapprovingly as he pulled back and looked around, a sudden fear surrounded him once again;

His heartbeats were fast and thoughts wayward, every now and then reminding him about the mess he was caught up in and the consequences he was going to face once his Dad would be there.

Once his dad would come to know what he had done and where he landed himself...

In the jail....behind the bars.


"Why do have to end up in trouble all the time?" Ali remarked as I took a pause and looked up from the page of the diary opened wide in my lap, there was distaste on his face with his forehead crumbled.

"Because Rabb wanted them to learn from their mistakes" I replied and he made a dissatisfying face.

"Why wasn't Shehry with him?" Umer asked in curiosity and I smiled.

"He was there with him. Like always, like every other trouble and mess Shehry was there to save him up but....." I took a pause pressing my lips together and Umer widened his eyes asking for more. "but this time he couldn't save him"

"And for sure he was going to get spanked this time" Ali remarked.

"Spanked? But why? Spanking is bad, it hurts" Umer made a scary face looking at Ali who rolled his big brown eyes; too big for his small innocent face.

"People should be spanked who are good for nothing" Ali fired back making Umer even terrified. "He was in jail Umer. Don't you understand? Jail....this is bad" He continued with his eyes popping out as he lectured Umer, as always talking a decade bigger than his age.

"But Hussain was good. I like him, I don't want to see him in jail. Bad people go to jail" Umer made a puppy face as if was about to cry.

"I don't like him. He was bad. Naano said he was bad people and I am suppose to hate him. Ali crossed his arms at his front with his forehead frowned and my heart skipped a beat.

"And you didn't ask your Nano the reason?" I asked, my heart dropping down slowly.

For a few moments Ali looked at me as if was trying to come up with a reply and then he grumpily stated. "he listened to the devil's voice, Nano told me"

Dil to masoom hotey hen phir un mein nafratein kesey pall jati hen?

"And what is devil's voice?" Umer asked innocently.

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