Chapter Seven: Letter

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It's one week into your summer vacation. You're playing a videogame with Hiro. You're surprisingly beating him, which makes him angry.

"How on earth are you doing this well?" he asks. He leans forward as if it will help the car on the screen move faster.

"I'm just better than you," you say. You dart around the upcoming vehicles and you're suddenly in first place.

"Whatever! You're cheating!" he accuses you. He elbows you roughly. You lean on him, shoving him towards the ground. "Hey! You're messing up my game!"

"Face it, Hiro," you say, "your game was already messed up!"

Tadashi laughs from the sofa. "You two are so immature." You ignore this.

"You're so annoying!" he exclaims. You cross the final finish line and sit up.

"Ha! First place!"

Hiro frowns at his place of second. "Whatever."

You ruffle his hair and smile. "Sorry, knucklehead. Maybe you'll do better next time, huh?" Hiro rolls his eyes.

Aunt Cass walks upstairs with a stack of envelopes in her hand. "Mail came," she announces as she shuffles through them. She stops when she comes across one. "Tadashi."


"It came," she says.

Tadashi's eyes meet yours. Yours widen as you leap up. He snatches the envelope from his aunt and stares at it. Everyone is silent. Tadashi looks up at you for support.

"No matter what happens, everything will be okay," you say. "I promise." You cross your heart.

Tadashi does the same, nods, and takes a deep breath. He slowly hooks his fingers underneath the flap of the envelope and tears it open. You bite down on your lip as he removes the letter and unfolds it. His eyes scan the words.

"Well?" you breathe, your anxiety creeping up inside.

"I'm in," he whispers. "I'm in!" He takes you into his arms and kisses you deeply. You blink in surprise. He immediately starts doing a happy dance right there, making you crack up. "I'm going to SFIT!"

"I knew that you could do it!" you say, hugging him.

Aunt Cass hugs him. "Alright, special dinner tonight! Chicken wings, anyone?" She disappears into the kitchen.

Tadashi takes your hand and leads you upstairs. "What are we doing?" you ask. Tadashi crosses the room and snatches the journal off of his shelf. You smile as he opens it.

"Can you hand me the tape?" he asks you. You nod and take the tape dispenser off of Hiro's desk. You bring it to him. Tadashi tapes the acceptance letter on a fresh page of the journal. "___, I'm going to have to ask you to promise me something."

"Anything," you say, placing your hand on his. He shuts the journal and smiles at you.

"Promise me that you won't let me give up on this," he says.

You nod and cross your heart. "I promise. Will you promise me that you'll never let me give up?" you request. You know that you have a long road of stress and obstacles to conquer before you are finally able to live your dream with Tadashi.

"I promise."

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