The HeartThrob

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I just hope I'm not blushing because I can already feel the warmth over my cheeks. I wasn't expecting him at all today.

All the anger inside me evaporates somewhere in the air and a sweet version of Jane is here to welcome him.

I rush to the backdoor, almost stumbling through the corridor, with a spatula in my hand and see him putting off his shoes, leaning against the wall, in his black shirt and denim jeans.

My favorite shirt.

His wet clothes are covered with dirt at some places, including on his leather shoes. His damp hair appear messy as he might have recently brushed them with his fingers and a smell of metal is growing in the atmosphere.

I try not to stare him for longer because he may catch me. All this time of eyeing him, I forget that there's someone else along with him, putting off his wet shoes too. I smile back at that man before looking back at him again.

"How did you get in?" I ask him, to grab his attention. He looks up at once and his dark brown eyes meet mine.

Oh, fish hooks!

"From that door." He tilts his head to his left, moving fingers through his sexy, wet hair.

"You mean that hush-hush window." I say, earning a small, cute and my favourite chuckle from him. I grin and stroll back to the kitchen.

He's got a sort of secret window abyss thingy in the backyard area, I don't know how he made it. I guess, through an underground duct or something, the reason of multiplying metallic smell around the house.

It helps him to enter the house whenever he wants, without any outsider knowing. I don't exactly know, I've never used it but he often uses it. His inventions are quite weird to me at times.

Their voices of discussion are heard when they are in the lobby and soon, fade into the direction of the basement lab.

"Is he here?" Mrs. Hall asks once I enter back into the kitchen.

"Yes, and with a guest. Please would you take some towels and warm clothes for them?" I ask her and she nods, before leaving.

Meet Adam Foster, my husband and a very remarkable and miraculous scientist, researcher, mechanic, repairer, doctor, programmer, technician and secret-window-maker.

He officially works for the welfare of human race and has been quite successful in achieving and setting the highest benchmarks of national security and defence across the countryside.

You can call him the Tony Stark of our city.

We were married exactly a year ago. Yeah, today is our Anniversary but I guess, he doesn't remember because he wished me Morning today, instead of Anniversary.

Hardly matters though for there's nothing like love between us two that calls for a celebration.

"I'll do it, Mrs. Hall. Thanks." I tell her as she returns and asks me to lend her helping hand in the cooking.

I have been cooking Hannah's favorite tuna sandwiches. She's been ill since past few days and hence, upset. I just hope the trick works and I could see that beautiful smile on her beautiful face again.

"Okay, Mrs. Foster." She nods, and smiles revealing her wrinkled cheeks and huge eye bags.

"I think you should go back to Bradfield Mrs. Hall, this is the age to just sit back and watch your grandkids growing up." I suggest her, chopping the vegetables. I find her quite lively against her old age of 61 years.

"You sound like Anne, alot. She used to tell me the same all the time." She says and my hands freeze at once.


It's not like that I hate Anne, she was my cousin, but I am sad that I've not replaced her in their memories, even after a year.

Her picture, the one Hannah drew today, frazzled me but I ignored it too. However, I am sad that nobody wanted to leave her but she did, and now, nobody wants to accept me.

Yes, Adam had a loving and beautiful wife before me, who died of Leukaemia, two years ago, and who used to happen to be my far-off cousin sister. He loves her a lot, even after her death.

She left him with some unfilled spaces in his memories, that have made him livid, enraged and uninterested towards life and he doesn't bother to give his life a second chance.

My Dad wanted me to marry him because of Hannah. I was never his choice, nor could be. I have accepted the truth and don't have complaints either because I had my own secret reasons, that even Dad doesn't know.

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